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White Tiger & Power Man Finalize Marvel's

White Tiger & Power Man Finalize Marvel's "Mighty"

Marvel Comics has released the final "Mighty" teaser for Luke Cage's defenders of Earth during "Infinity," finalizing the roster with White Tiger and Power Man.


Marvel's "Mighty" Team Recruits The Blue Marvel, She-Hulk

Marvel Comics has revealed the latest incarnation of its "Mighty" teaser, revealing Adam the Blue Marvel and She-Hulk as the newest members on the roster of Luke Cage's "Infinity" team.

The Superior Spider-Man Joins

The Superior Spider-Man Joins "Mighty" Team

Marvel Comics has filled in another piece of the "Mighty" puzzle for "Infinity," adding the Superior Spider-Man to the roster of Luke Cage's mystery team of Earth-bound heroes.

Marvel Reveals Luke Cage's

Marvel Reveals Luke Cage's "Mighty" Team for "Infinity"

In the first of many AR teasers for "Infinity," Marvel Comics kicks off the week revealing Luke Cage as the first of six members for a "Mighty" team that fills in for the Avengers during the summer event.