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PRESS RELEASE: Runemaster Studios Announces Pulp Division

Bullock Roars the Return of

Bullock Roars the Return of "Lions, Tigers and Bears"

Writer Mike Bullock gave CBR News the lion's share of info on the upcoming threequel that continues the story of a boy and his stuffed toys protecting children everywhere from the evil Beasties.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Savage Beauty" #1

Courtesy of Moonstone, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Savage Beauty" #1 by writer Mike Bullock and artist Jose Massaroli. The issue, with covers by Thomas Yeates and Dave Hoover, hits stores in February.

PRESS RELEASE: Get Drawn Into Moonstone's "Savage Beauty"

PRESS RELEASE: New Series "Savage Beauty" Partners with Real-World Heroes

PRESS RELEASE: Lions, Tigers and Bears Returns at New York Comic Con


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Black Bat Doubleshot: Black Death"

Courtesy of Moonstone Books, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Black Bat Doubleshot: Black Death" #1 by Mike Bullock and Michael Metcalf. The noir-style comic hits stores in September.

Pulp's Originals Return at Moonstone

Pulp's Originals Return at Moonstone

CBR spoke with Moonstone publisher Joe Gentile and writer Mike Bullock about the raft of new projects on the horizon featuring a variety of vintage pulp heroes, including "Black Bat Double Shot" and "Battle for L.A."

Read the Full Issue:

Read the Full Issue: "Phantom Double Shot #1: KGB Noir"

Courtesy of Moonstone, CBR presents the complete issue of "Phantom Double Shot #1: KGB Noir" featuring Lee Falk's Phantom and the debut of writer/artist Mike Bullock's latest creation, Death Angel.

Mike Bullock Introduces

Mike Bullock Introduces "Death Angel"

"Phantom" and "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" writer Mike Bullock spoke with CBR News about his latest creation, Death Angel, a new pulp-inspired character who debuted this week in Moonstone's "Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir."

Bullock & Michelinie on The Phantom Re-launch

Bullock & Michelinie on The Phantom Re-launch

Moonstone Books is re-launching their “The Phantom” title, and CBR News talks to writer Mike Bullock and creative consultant David Michelinie about the direction of and inspirations behind the new series.

Bullock Reveals the

Bullock Reveals the "Secrets of the Seasons"

All seasons change. Or do they? As "Lions, Tigers & Bears" creator Mike Bullock reveals in his new graphic novel, “Secrets of the Seasons,” those changes have a lot to do with a family of elves called the Gimoles.