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Costa on "Transformers" and "Ironhide"

A slain Autobot and a humbled Decepticon return in "Transformers: Ironhide" #1 and "Transformers" #7. We spoke with Mike Costa about what a repowered Megatron could mean for the Robots in Disguise.

C2E2: G.I. Joe

C2E2: G.I. Joe

At C2E2, panelists from IDW's G.I. Joe team announced writer Larry Hama's renewed run on "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" and address the return of Serpentor and Crystal Ball's Alan Moore makeover. CBR was there.

Behind the Fall of an Autobot

Behind the Fall of an Autobot

"Transformers" #1 is in stores soon, but CBR readers discovered yesterday that a major character will fall. We spoke with editor Andy Schmidt about the decision to kill the veteran Autobot and the consequences for the other Robots in Disguise.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Transformers" #1 and the Death of...

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of the debut issue of their new ongoing series, "Transformers," which contains spoilers about the fate of a major character.

Roll Out: Costa on IDW's Transformers

Roll Out: Costa on IDW's Transformers

The Robots in Disguise get their first ongoing series in five years courtesy of IDW. CBR News spoke with writer Mike Costa about upcoming events in “Transformers,” which launches in November.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW to Launch Ongoing "Transformers" Series

Mike Costa Talks Wildstorm's

Mike Costa Talks Wildstorm's "Resistance"

One of the most popular game franchises, "Resistance' is coming to comics this week courtesy of Wildstorm and writer Mike Costa & artist Ramón Pérez. We spoke with Costa about what "Resistance" fans can expect.