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PREVIEW: "Secret Avengers" #2

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "Secret Avengers" #2, written by Ed Brubake with art and covers by Mike Deodato Jr and a variant by Marko Djurdjevic. The issue arrives in stores June 30.


REVIEW: "Secret Avengers" #1

CBR's Chad Nevett reviewed this week's highly anticipated "Secret Avengers" #1 and gave the issue 4 stars, saying that Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato's story "hits the ground running and never slows down."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Secret Avengers" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated "Secret Avengers" #1 by the creative team of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato. The issue sneaks into comic stores on May 26.


PREVIEW: "Secret Avengers" #1

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an advance look at "Secret Avengers" #1 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato with covers by Deodato, Marko Djurdjevic and David Yardin, on sale next month everywhere.

Valkyrie & Moon Knight are Secret Avengers

Valkyrie & Moon Knight are Secret Avengers

Marvel revealed today that Valkyrie and Moon Knight have been revealed to be Secret Avengers joining War Machine and Beast on the all-new May-debuting Avengers series by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato.

Marvel Reveals Two Secret Avengers

Marvel Reveals Two Secret Avengers

Marvel's new comics released this week include a pair of ads that reveal the some of the members of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato's Secret Avengers line-up. The new series debuts in May.

Marvel Releases a Sixth

Marvel Releases a Sixth "Secret Avengers" Teaser

Marvel Comics has released a late-Friday afternoon sixth teaser for "Secret Avengers," featuring a male figure shrouded in black accompanied by the quote "I lead by example," suggesting that he is the head of the new team.

Marvel's Fifth

Marvel's Fifth "Secret Avengers" Teaser

Marvel, has released their fifth "Secret Avengers" teaser image this morning, showcasing what looks to be an armored figure attributed with the quote "I act upon my convictions regardless of personal consequences,"


Fourth "Secret Avenger" Teaser Released

Marvel has released yet another teaser image for the upcoming "Secret Avengers" title, this time featuring what appears to be a flying male character accompanied by the quote "I excel through adversity."


New "Secret Avengers" Teaser Released

Marvel, has released a third "Secret Avengers" teaser image, this time depicting the silhouetted figure of a female character with a long, flowing cape accompanied by the quote "I am in control of my life."


Second "Secret Avengers" Teaser Released

Marvel has released a second teaser image for Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato's upcoming "Secret Avengers" title, presenting the character in silhouetted form with the phrase "I strive for redemption" as the only clue to their identity.

"Secret Avengers" Creative Team Announced

Marvel has released a teaser image for their new "Secret Avengers" title, as well as the announcement of the series' creative team of "Captain America" writer Ed Brubaker and "Dark Avengers" artist Mike Deodato.


EXCLUSIVE: 35 "Weapon X 100 Project" Covers

CBR is proud to present an exclusive look at 35 covers by 25 artists from the Hero Initiative's "Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project," featuring art from Arthur Adams to Mike Deodato and many other artists in between!!

Bendis Talks

Bendis Talks "Dark Avengers"

Brian Michael Bendis has big plans for Marvel's most mentally unstable super team, the "Dark Avengers." CBR News spoke with him about some surprising revelations, a battle with an immensely powerful foe, and a special Annual.

PRESS RELEASE: "Dark Avengers" #2 sells out, second printing announced

PRESS RELEASE: "Dark Avengers" second printing variant cover released

PRESS RELEASE: "Wolverine: Origins" #28 sells out, second print variant cover announced

PRESS RELEASE: "Wolverine: Roar" Gets Second Printing

Hear Evil: Swierczynski talks

Hear Evil: Swierczynski talks "Wolverine: Roar"

In next week's one-shot, "Wolverine: Roar," Duane Swierczynski and Mike Deodato deliver an action-packed story that's that's literally ear-splitting. CBR News spoke with Swierczynski about the project.

WW Philly: Way talks

WW Philly: Way talks "Dark Deception" Crossover with "X-Men: Legacy"

The coming months will see a number of big things happens in Daniel Way's “Wolverine Origins,” but the biggest has to be “Dark Deception,” a multi-part crossover with “X-Men: Legacy" co-written with Mike Carey.

WW Philly: Deodato to Draw

WW Philly: Deodato to Draw "Wolverine: Origins"

Mike Deodato, Jr. takes over as the new regular artist on “Wolverine: Origins” with September’s issue #28. CBR News spoke with him about the book as well as his previous gig, "Thunderbolts!"