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Nero and Dowling's

Nero and Dowling's "Death Sentence" Extended with Titan

Monty Nero & Mike Dowling discuss "Death Sentence" and how the series about a terminal STD that grants superpowers found new life at Titan Comics after debuting in "Clint Magazine." Plus, previews of the first 2 issues.

CLiNT WEEK: Supercharged STDs Lead To

CLiNT WEEK: Supercharged STDs Lead To "Death Sentence"

Newcomer talents Monty Nero and Mike Dowling explain the ins and outs of their incoming "CLiNT comic "Death Sentence" from the idea of an STD that give you superpowers to being discovered by Mark Millar at Kapow! Con.

EXCLUSIVE: Millar Signs

EXCLUSIVE: Millar Signs "Death Sentence" To "CLiNT"

For his "CLiNT" magazine now enjoying simultaneous U.K./U.S. release, Mark Millar has signed "Death Sentence," the story of S.T.D. empowered super-celebrities with a ticking time clock, as a new comic feature, and CBR has the first look.