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EXCLUSIVE: Dave Johnson Covers

EXCLUSIVE: Dave Johnson Covers "Hit Girl" #2

In advance of the first issue hitting stores, Mark Millar reveals the Dave Johnson-illustrated variant cover to "Hit-Girl" #2, written by Millar and drawn by John Romita, Jr. and Tom Palmer.

Millar Takes

Millar Takes "Supercrooks" To Manila

Mark Millar traveled to the Philippines for a signing at Manila's National Bookstore with Leinil Yu and the "Supercrooks" team. Now, the writer shares his "The Milla In Manila" diary of drinks, cons, crowds and more.

Kapow 2012: Millarworld

Kapow 2012: Millarworld

Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, Frank Quitely and Nacho Vigalondo discuss Millarworld projects, going curse-free for "Jupiter's Children," Frank Miller's secret identity and a "Supercrooks" dream cast at Kapow Comic Convention.

Mark Millar Makes A Star of

Mark Millar Makes A Star of "Hit-Girl"

With the solo debut of Kick-Ass' foul-mouth hero just around the corner from Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr., the writer tells how "Hit-Girl" is a more emotional character study. Plus, an exclusive look at Phil Noto's issue #1 variant.

Millar & Gibbons Talk The Society of

Millar & Gibbons Talk The Society of "The Secret Service"

As they launch their brand-new creator-owned spy series "The Secret Service," Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons explore the issues of society, espionage and "Star Wars" fandom that impacted the book's creation.

Nacho Vigalondo Runs To

Nacho Vigalondo Runs To "Supercrooks"

An Academy Award-winning director who's been working on his team-up with Mark Millar for years, Nacho Vigalondo tells CBR about his love of comics, his plans for "Supercrooks" on film and shares a tease of issue #2.

Millar Debuts New

Millar Debuts New "Supercrooks" Teaser Video

With his and Leinil Yu's "Supercrooks" hitting stores this week, Mark Millar and director Nacho Vigalando have debuted a new live-action teaser for the Marvel Icon series.

Dave Gibbons On Enlisting In

Dave Gibbons On Enlisting In "The Secret Service"

Dave Gibbons opens up on his new project with Mark Millar, explaining why "The Secret Service" is an espionage tale better for being British, what exactly Mark Hamill is doing in it and how a movie doesn't impact him at all.

Millarworld Gets Personal With

Millarworld Gets Personal With "Win Dave Gibbons"

Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons are giving the original art for all six "Secret Service" covers to the top ordering stores on issue #1 -- and sharing an exclusive first look at the second issue cover with CBR readers.

EXCLUSIVE: Millarworld 2012 Goes Viral

EXCLUSIVE: Millarworld 2012 Goes Viral

Mark Millar goes back to school to promote his incoming Millarworld line of comics from "Hit-Girl" to "The Secret Service" under the direction of incoming "Supercrooks" filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo.

PRESS RELEASE: The Philippines' National Book Store Wins Mark Millar

CLiNT WEEK: Mark Millar Readies Phase 2

CLiNT WEEK: Mark Millar Readies Phase 2

The creator behind "Kick-Ass," "Superior" and more, Mark Millar kicks up the comics content of his monthly magazine "CLiNT" with a relaunch set to draw new readers into comic shops with new serials, characters and violnce.

Retailers Invited To

Retailers Invited To "Win Mark Millar"

To promote the release of he and Leinil Francis Yu's incoming series "Supercrooks," Mark Millar is paying his way to a comic shop signing for whichever retailer from anywhere in the world orders the most copies of issue #1.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Millar Pictures

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Millar Pictures "Kindergarten Heroes"

The writer behind "Kick-Ass" and "Wanted" is taking his turn at kids books as Mark Millar teams with artist Curtis Tiegs for "Kindergarten Heroes," an early reader picture book focusing on super powered toddlers.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Millar & Yu's "Superior" #7

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of the double-sized finale of Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu's "Superior." Everything comes to a head on January 18!


MILLARWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Spinning Off "Nemesis 2" & "Hit-Girl"

2012 holds sequels and prequels for some of Mark Millar's biggest hits as the writer shares a look at the next phase of uber-villain Nemesis and the secret history of Hit-Girl's final mission with loads of exclusive art.

MILLARWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Millar & Quitely Create

MILLARWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Millar & Quitely Create "Jupiter's Children"

The superhero epic Mark Millar calls "my Star Wars" has a name as superstar artist Frank Quitely shares the first image from "Jupiter's Children."


MILLARWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Inside "The Secret Service"

Mark Millar reveals the origins of cooking up the superspy story at the heart of Millarworld's "The Secret Service" with Matthew Vaughn as Dave Gibbons shows off color art from the project in a CBR exclusive.

MILLARWORLD WEEK: Mark Millar's Master Plan

MILLARWORLD WEEK: Mark Millar's Master Plan

With five new series, his first film production, a new phase for "CLiNT" magazine in the wings and more, Mark Millar and his all-star collaborators are looking to carve their creator-owned corner of the industry in 2012.


MILLARWORLD EXCLUSIVE: "Supercrooks" Preview

Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu kick off a week of exclusive MillarWorld previews and news, revealing the opening of their heist comic "Supercrooks" as well as details of the series' cast and movie.


EXCLUSIVE: "Supercrooks" Trailer Teases Year Of Millarworld

Mark Millar's plan for industry domination hits on two fronts in 2012 as the writer teases a full slate of new Millarworld art and exclusively debuts the live-action trailer for the "CLiNT" "Supercrooks" story.

Millar & Gibbons'

Millar & Gibbons' "Secret Service" Origins

From the original, slightly embarrassing letter a young Mark Millar sent to Dave Gibbons after "Watchmen" to Gibbons' new sketchbook work, the creators give CBR the exclusive early details of their new series "The Secret Service."

Millar Draws A Line On Digital Distribution

Millar Draws A Line On Digital Distribution

With the release of his latest "Kick-Ass" issue today, Mark Millar is taking a stance against day and date digital comics, and he tells CBR why print first is better for comics and retailers and how the series brings back Hit-Girl.

PRESS RELEASE: Millar Announces "Secret Service" Charity Auction

EXCLUSIVE: Millar & Gibbons Unveil

EXCLUSIVE: Millar & Gibbons Unveil "The Secret Service"

Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons show off the first art from their upcoming "The Secret Service" as Millar makes known his plans for a Millarworld blowout in 2012.

Millar & Gibbons Prep Big Reveal

Millar & Gibbons Prep Big Reveal

The final announcement of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons long-awaited collaboration is on its way in this week's "Superior" #6 as the 2012 wave of creator-owned Millarworld titles ramps up. CBR has the first teaser.


Millar's "Superior" Teams with National MS Society; Vaughn Signs to Produce Movie

Mark Millar's "Superior" is set to hit the big screen under the oversight of Matthew Vaughn even as the hero joins forces with the National MS Society to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis.

Millar Ramps Up Millarworld Comics

Millar Ramps Up Millarworld Comics

From the end of "Superior" to a simultaneous comic /movie plan for "Supercrooks" and from Dave Gibbons to Frank Quitely as collaborators, Mark Millar is going full steam ahead with creator-owned comics. Plus, exclusive art!

EXCLUSIVE: Millar, Romita Jr. Fast-Track

EXCLUSIVE: Millar, Romita Jr. Fast-Track "Kick Ass 2"

After scheduling delays led to releasing just two issues in a year, Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. promise a quick finish to "Kick-Ass 2" as they also prepare to team up on "Hit-Girl" and expand the franchise.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At "Hit-Girl" & "Supercrooks"

The next two Millarworld titles on tap from Mark Millar, CBR News has an exclusive first look at the art by Leandro Fernandez for "Hit-Girl" #1 and Leinil Yu's first teaser for the heist story "Supercrooks."

KAPOW: Millar Talks Four New Titles

KAPOW: Millar Talks Four New Titles

From a "Kick-Ass" spinoff starring fan favorite Hit-Girl to a Leinil Yu-drawn heist comic to mystery collaborations with big names like Dave Gibbons and Frank Quitely, Mark Millar tells CBR first his next year of plans for Millarworld.