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SDCC: "Supernatural’s" Jeremy Carver & Misha Collins Talk Heaven and Earth

Executive producer Jeremy Carver and star Misha Collins talk about the Winchester brothers' relationship, Castiel's struggles and the state of Heaven as Season 10 opens.

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

CCI: The Ben Edlund Panel

Ben Edlund, creator of "The Tick" and current "Supernatural" writer, spent a wacky 60 minutes getting into his 20-year TV career with cohorts Shadoe Stevens, Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick.


SPINOFF: "Supernatural" Possesses PaleyFest

The cast and crew of The CW's long-running hit series "Supernatural" took to the stage during PaleyFest to discuss the show's past and present while dropping hints about its future. SPINOFF has a full report.

CBR TV: Misha Collins

CBR TV: Misha Collins

"Supernatural" star Misha Collins spoke with CBR TV about his use of Twitter to interact with fans, his role as Castiel on the hit horror series, the character's growth over the course of the series and much more.


CCI: "Supernatural" Screening, Q&A

During the panel at Comic-Con International for The CW's "Supernatural," the cast and producers talked about the apocalypse-averting season finale, and the significant change in direction that lies ahead.