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Cover of the Week - February 6

Cover of the Week - February 6

This week, Frank Castle meets his maker, Hellboy meets more family members, the Phantom Stranger meets The Spectre, the Sacred Scrolls meet their soggy end and Riley Rossmo meets the dead.


REVIEW: "Defenders" #5

Doug Zawisza gives "Defenders" #5 by Matt Fraction and Mitch Breitweiser 4 stars, calling Breitweiser's artwork "detailed simplicity at its very best."

Fraction Brings Things into Concordance in

Fraction Brings Things into Concordance in "Defenders"

Writer Matt Fraction has plunged the "Defenders" into an ancient mystery at the heart of the Marvel Universe, and CBR News spoke with him about the opening arc and his future plans. Plus, exclusive preview pages.


EXCLUSIVE: Art from "Ultimate Comics Ultimates," "Hawkeye" & More

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive look at art from the Jonathan Hickman scripted "Ultimate Comics Hawkeye, " "Ultimate Comics Ultimates" & more!


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Captain America" #615.1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Captain America" #615.1, a special jumping on point hitting stores March 23 from Ed Brubaker and Mitch Breitweiser with a Daniel Acuna cover.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Captain America: Patriot" #3

Marvel has released an advance look at "Captain America: Patriot" #3 by Karl Kesel and Mitch Breitweiser. The secret history of the Captain America of the 1950s continues on October 27.


PREVIEW: "Captain America: Patriot" #2

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you a first look at artwork from "Captain America: Patriot" #2 by Mitch Breitweiser. Written by Karl Kesel, this issue goes on sale September 29, 2010.


REVIEW: "Captain America" #607

James Hunt gave "Captain America" #607 4 stars, saying that Ed Brubaker, Mitch Breitweiser and Butch Guice's story "does a good service to [Baron] Zemo, a character who deserves a strong reintroduction."