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Risso Covers

Risso Covers "Before Watchmen: Moloch" #1

DC has released a cover design by Eduardo Risso for "Before Watchmen: Moloch" #1 written by J. Michael Straczynski that centers on the origins of the the mystic villain who played a key role in the original "Watchmen."


FAN EXPO: "Before Watchmen" Team on New Series, Controversy

DC Comics hosted a lively discussion about "Before Watchmen" at Fan Expo, where they announced a new title and a new inker for "Nite Owl."

FAN EXPO: JMS & Risso Launch

FAN EXPO: JMS & Risso Launch "Before Watchmen: Moloch"

The run of prequel series to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic will expand further as J. Michael Straczynski and Eduardo Risso prepare the two-issue "Before Watchmen: Moloch" mini series, and JMS tells CBR why.