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CBR "Fumigates" Monolith's "Gotham City Imposters"

CBR News went hands on with "Gotham City Imposters" latest gameplay mode and spoke with associate producer Lucas Myers to get the skinny on Monolith's Batman-inspired first person shooter.

"Gotham City Impostors" Trailer

DC Comics, WB Games and Monolith have released a new trailer for "Gotham City Impostors," the downloadable game that lets players run rampant as Batman and Joker wannabes in Gotham.

Hands On with

Hands On with "Gotham City Impostors"

A Batman first-person shooter? Relax, it's not what you think. In fact, it's quite mischievous. CBR News has hands-on impressions of the game that lets players pretend to be Batman and the Joker.