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"Teen Wolf's" JR Bourne on the Return of Conflicted Hunter Chris Argent

"Teen Wolf's" resident hunter explores the family dysfunction of Season 4 and whether his path leads to the mysterious Benefactor.

Teen Wolf's

Teen Wolf's" Tyler Posey & Crystal Reed on Fans, Fight Scenes & the Future

The stars of MTV's "Teen Wolf" answered fan questions and told some behind-the-scenes stories at C2E2 2014.

NYCC: MTV's Stan Lee's

NYCC: MTV's Stan Lee's "The Seekers" Contest Winner Panel

While the panel started off with some confusion and an early exit by Stan Lee, MTV's new webcomics creators charmed the audience with their plans for the upcoming "The Seekers."

SPINOFF: MTV Expresses Interest in

SPINOFF: MTV Expresses Interest in "Locke and Key"

After being passed on by Fox and shopped to other networks, the adaptation of the acclaimed IDW Publishing horror series "Locke and Key" has reportedly come to the attention of MTV. SPINOFF has details.


CCI: "Beavis & Butt-Head" Panel

Fans of "Beavis & Butt-Head" received a first look at the animated series’ return to MTV during a discussion at Comic-Con International with creator Mike Judge moderated by "Jackass "star Johnny Knoxville.


EXCLUSIVE COMIC: "Savage County: Sinner's Medicine"

Courtesy of MTV, CBR presents an exclusive comic book prequel to the winner of the cable network's "Demand It" campaign, horror movie "Savage County" which will make it's debut on MTV2 on October 7.

SPINOFF: Iacono's

SPINOFF: Iacono's "Hard Times" as RJ Berger

"The Hard Times of RJ Berger" star, Paul Iacono, spoke exclusively with SPINOFF ONLINE about landing the lead in the new MTV series which has been described as a high school version of HBO’s "Hung."

Judd Winick on MTV's “Pedro” Movie

Judd Winick on MTV's “Pedro” Movie

Judd Winick first rose to fame after publishing a comic book memoir of his time on MTV's "The Real World" with AIDS activist Pedro Zamora. Now he talks to CBR about MTV's new film based on Zamora's life.

PRESS RELEASE: "Pedro" debuts on MTV April 1, 2009

Robert Kirkman's Animated

Robert Kirkman's Animated "Invincible"

The co-creator of Image's runaway teen superhero sensation discusses the various aspects of his MTV video deal, how much influence he had over the series' production and more.