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Comics A.M. - More Details Surface on Kadokawa's Manga App

Comics A.M. - More Details Surface on Kadokawa's Manga App

Digital service will offer first three chapters of manga for free! A closer look at Shiftylook shutdown! Scott Snyder talks Stephanie Brown and Harper Row! Plus more!

SDCC: Namco Bandai Gets

SDCC: Namco Bandai Gets "Pac-Man" Fever With "Ghostly Adventures"

Namco Bandai displayed a new "Pac-Man" platforming game based on the current Disney XD animated series "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" with a demo at Comic-Con International 2013.

PRESS RELEASE: ShiftyLook Annnounces MCM Expo Schedule

ShiftyLook Celebrates

ShiftyLook Celebrates "Dig Dug" 30th Anniversary

ShiftyLook Editor-in-Chief Rob Pereyda gives CBR News new details on Namco Bandai's newest comic initiative in celebration of "Dig Dug's" 30th Anniversary this year.

PRESS RELEASE: "Rolling Thunder" and "Wonder Momo" Come to ShiftyLook as Webcomics

First Look:

First Look: "Star Trek" Boldly Arrives On Gaming Consoles In 2013

Namco Bandai and Digital Extremes are working on a new "Star Trek" game based on JJ Abrams' upcoming sequel where you can control Kirk or Spock - or both - through a lavish space adventure.

PRESS RELEASE: Namco Bandai Games Outlines ShiftyLook

PRESS RELEASE: Edmund Shern & Skan Srisuwan Bring "Scar" to ShiftyLook

WC12 EXCLUSIVE: McCool & Haspiel Explore

WC12 EXCLUSIVE: McCool & Haspiel Explore "The Five Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies"

Writer Ben McCool and artist Dean Haspiel join Namco Bandai's ShiftyLook webcomics platform with a new look at the classic Japanese arcade game, "Warp & Warp." Plus, the exclusive debut of the first installment!

Namco Bandai Gives a ShiftyLook to Comics

Namco Bandai Gives a ShiftyLook to Comics

The game company responsible for "Tekken" and "Soul Caliber," Namco Bandai spoke with CBR about ShiftyLook, its new platform for resurrecting old and forgotten games as webcomics and mobile games.

Ninja Theory's

Ninja Theory's "Odyssey to the West"

CBR News spoke with developer Tameem Antoniades about "ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West," the new game from Ninja Theory that takes an epic novel of the 16th century into the future in an amazing visceral way.