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Simpson Discusses

Simpson Discusses "Nonplayer's" Four Year Hiatus, Plans to Wrap Series by 2020

Eisner Award-winning creator Nate Simpson tells CBR News, his Image series is not only back, he has a plan and a schedule for its 7-issue run.

Nate Simpson Announces He's Finished

Nate Simpson Announces He's Finished "Nonplayer" #2

More than 3 years after the release of "Nonplayer" #1, Nate Simpson has announced the completion of the acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy comic's second issue

Cartoonist Nate Simpson Returns With Video Game

Cartoonist Nate Simpson Returns With Video Game "Human Resources"

Simpson gives an update about the progress of his Image series "Nonplayer," revealing that the second issue looks "very much like a complete book."

"X-Men: First Class" Screenwriter to Pen "Nonplayer" Adaptation

"Kick-Ass" and "X-Men: First Class" screenwriter Jane Goldman has been tapped to adapt Nate Simpson’s acclaimed "Nonplayer" sci-fi/fantasy comic for Warner Bros.


Image's "Nonplayer" Tapped By "Harry Potter" Producer

Writer/artist Nate Simpson's acclaimed Image fantasy series is already headed to Hollywood as the comic is being set up for a film at Warner Bros. by the producers of "Harry Potter" and "Abduction."

Xeric Winner Jason Brubaker Brings

Xeric Winner Jason Brubaker Brings "reMIND" to Print

Xeric Grant winner Jason Brubaker brings his acclaimed independent web series to print and discusses the OGN, his extremely successful Kickstarter drive and and gives tips on self-publishing.


REVIEW: "Nonplayer" #1

CBR reviewer Chad Nevett gives the first issue of creator Nate Simpson's debut comic "Nonplayer" a 4 star review, saying, "his writing shows skill, [but] Simpson’s art alone is well worth the price of admission."

WC11: The Next Great Era of Image Comics

WC11: The Next Great Era of Image Comics

Joe Casey, Nate Simpson, Ben McCool and more locked arms to discuss the recent wave of launches at Image, “Twilight,” video games, KGB sleeper cells and more at WonderCon in San Francisco.

When Words Collide - 3/21/2011

When Words Collide - 3/21/2011

Tim looks back on recent trends and talks about sword and sorcery comics then and now while highlighting the best of the new breed of "Gamer Comics" from the likes of Nate Simpson, John Rogers and more.

Game On: Nate Simpson's

Game On: Nate Simpson's "Nonplayer"

Writer/artist Nate Simpson spoke with CBR News about his upcoming series "Nonplayer" from Image Comics, his history in the world of video games, making the leap to sequential storytelling and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Newcomer Nate Simpson Debuts at Image with "Nonplayer"