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Joe Casey Recalls Cutting-Edge Kirby In

Joe Casey Recalls Cutting-Edge Kirby In "Captain Victory"

With a cabal of indie and alternative artists like Jim Rugg & Benjamin Marra, Joe Casey looks to push one of Jack Kirby's last original characters into the future.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Casey & Fox's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Casey & Fox's "Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers" #1

Joe Casey and Nathan Fox team for "Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers" this August, and CBR has an exclusive look at the first issue!

Oliver Makes Weird Science in

Oliver Makes Weird Science in "FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics"

Vertigo's "FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics" takes a month off for the first TPB and CBR catches up with writer Simon Oliver about the series and its future.

Cover of the Week:

Cover of the Week: "Umbral," "Avengers Arena" and More

Barbara Gordon gets batty, Captain swings at his mighty shield, "FBP" reaps a whirlwind, "Avengers Arena" hits targets "Umbral" is multi-layered.

Cover of the Week: August 28

Cover of the Week: August 28

This week sees an "Astonishing" band flier, a new I.D. for "Collider," an underwater attack in three parts, a devil in the Art Deco details and the face of Darkseid

Cover of the Week: July 31

Cover of the Week: July 31

This week, physics go haywire, Captain Midnight goes Art Deco, Psylocke goes for a tattoo, Legion goes gaming and the Hulk declares his independence.

Nathan Fox on

Nathan Fox on "Haunt," Joe Casey and Teaching

Award-winning artist Nathan Fox spoke to CBR about "Haunt" and working with Joe Casey, his past projects like "Pigeons From Hell," and the new MFA program he's overseeing at the School for Visual Arts.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Haunt" #25, "Manhattan Projects" #5

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents exclusive advance looks at two of this week's new releases: Jonathan Hickman and Nick Paterra's "Manhattan Projects" #5 and Joe Casey and Nathan Fox's "Haunt" #25!

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces Creative Talent for "Hawken" Graphic Novel

Fraction, Fox Go Inside Bin Laden Raid with

Fraction, Fox Go Inside Bin Laden Raid with "GQ" Comic

Matt Fraction and artist Nathan Fox have created a comic for "GQ" detailing the events of the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's compound that ultimately led to the terrorist leader's death. ROBOT 6 has details.

NYCC: McFarlane & Casey

NYCC: McFarlane & Casey "Spawn" a New Direction for "Haunt"

Image Comics founder Todd McFarlane, Joe Casey, Nathan Fox and more discuss the future of "Spawn," "Haunt," animation, action figures and how whoring yourself out can pay off.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Claudio Sanchez's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Claudio Sanchez's "Key of Z"

BOOM! Studios has released Claudio Sanchez's schedule for New York Comic Con while providing CBR with an exclusive 6-page preview of Sanchez's "Key of Z" #1.

Joe Casey Reinvents

Joe Casey Reinvents "Haunt"

Slated to take over writing chores on "Haunt" with #19, Joe Casey spoke with CBR News about what makes the brothers Kilgore tick and what he's got planned for the Image Comics title.

McFarlane Cedes

McFarlane Cedes "Haunt" to Casey & Fox

"Haunt" co-creator Todd McFarlane spoke with CBR about shifting creative teams from Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo to the incoming Joe Casey and Nathan Fox while sharing an exclusive look at Fox's art for #19.


REVIEW: "Blue Estate" #1

CBR reviewer Ryan K. Lindsay gives "Blue Estate" #1 4 stars, saying writer/creator Andrew Osborne's noirish Image Comics debut "is very Elmore Leonard, and that’s a very good thing."

PRESS RELEASE: Live from the DMZ - Now Broadcasting

PRESS RELEASE: "Blue Estate," 100 Proof Action from Image


REVIEW: "Iron Man" #500

Benjamin Bailey looks at "Iron Man" #500 by Matt Fraction, giving it a four star review, praising the four artists and saying the issue "shows what a great creative team can do when it’s given the room to stretch its legs."

NYCC '10: The

NYCC '10: The "BleedOut" Begins

Archaia E-i-C Stephen Christy spills on the recently announced upcoming anthology "BleedOut" featuring a plethora of creative talent that explores the consequences found in eliminating an everyday commodity.

Casey Counts the Ways of

Casey Counts the Ways of "Zodiac"

In anticipation of Joe Casey and Nathan Fox's final issue of gonzo villainy, the writer of "Dark Reign: Zodiac" talked with CBR News and explained the method behind the madness of Marvel's newest super villain.

Lansdale & Fox talk “Pigeons From Hell”

Lansdale & Fox talk “Pigeons From Hell”

What’s more terrifying than a haunted house and an angry mob of pigeons? CBR spoke with Joe Lansdale and Nathan Fox, creators of Dark Horse’s R.E. Howard adaptation, “Pigeons from Hell," to find out.

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