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REVIEW: "Batman Incorporated" #4

Greg McElhatton gives "Batman Incorporated" #4 4 stars, saying the issue by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham has "a fun nature to it that will keep you eagerly reading from one month to the next."

Cover of the Week - September 26

Cover of the Week - September 26

This week, the eyes have it, the mirror has two faces, Frank Castle takes aim, Finn and Jake fly to the rescue, and Mindy McCready kicks… teeth?

Tom Taylor Gets Personal With

Tom Taylor Gets Personal With "National Comics: Rose And Thorn"

Writer Tom Taylor spoke with CBR News about his upcoming "National Comics: Rose and Thorn" one-shot from DC Comics, explaining what makes his rendition different from the split-personality duos who have come before.


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: "National Comics: Looker" #1

Courtesy of DC Comics comes an exclusive first look from inside "National Comics Looker" #1 from artist Mike S. Miller, showcasing the gory and gossipy sides of the supermodel-turned-vampire.

Ian Edginton Vamps Up

Ian Edginton Vamps Up "National Comics: Looker"

In the latest one-shot reinventing a DC character for the New 52, Ian Edginton takes former Outsider Looker to her vampiric supermodel heights in a story that's part business, part murder.

Lemire Resurrects Kid Eternity in

Lemire Resurrects Kid Eternity in "National Comics"

Eisner nominee Jeff Lemire spoke to CBR about the return of Kid Eternity in "National Comics: Eternity" #1, his connection to the Land of the Dead, and the project he originally pitched.

DC Comics'

DC Comics' "National Comics" Series to Explore the New 52

This July, DC Comics further explores the characters of the New 52 through "National Comics," an anthology-style series launching with Jeff Lemire and Cully Hamner's new take on Kid Eternity. UPDATED With Art