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"Constantine" Adds Zed, Teases the Spectre, Talks Smoking, Bisexuality

Angelica Celaya joins "Constantine" as Zed, while the producers teases a Spectre appearance and discusses John's smoking and bisexuality.

Co-Star Lucy Griffiths Off

Co-Star Lucy Griffiths Off "Constantine"

Lucy Griffiths, who plays "Liz" in the "Constantine" pilot, is off the show, and the character will be replaced by one from the comics.

John Constantine Can't Smoke on Network TV

John Constantine Can't Smoke on Network TV

While director Neil Marshall admits it's "very frustrating" that John Constantine isn't permitted to smoke, NBC will allow the series to go in dark and disturbing directions.

TV Legends Revealed: Did

TV Legends Revealed: Did "Golden Girls" Begin As a Joke By NBC?

This week, learn whether the hit 1980s sitcom "The Golden Girls" owes its existence to a joke by the network.

Yasmine Al Massri Sets Sail With NBC's

Yasmine Al Massri Sets Sail With NBC's "Crossbones"

The Lebanon-born actress talks with SPINOFF about her U.S. television debut, a pirate drama that pairs her with John Malkovich.

Jack Coleman Returning For NBC's

Jack Coleman Returning For NBC's "Heroes" Reboot

Actor Jack Coleman - AKA the man with the horn-rimmed glasses - is the first "Heroes" veteran to sign on for the upcoming NBC event miniseries.


NBC's "Constantine" Tempts Fate with New Teaser

The latest promo for NBC's "Constantine" shares more clips from the upcoming series, including a shot of Dr. Fate's familiar helm.

"Constantine" Scheduled for Late October Debut

"Constantine," starring Matt Ryan as long-running DC Comics character John Constantine, is scheduled to premiere on NBC on Oct. 24.

Hell Comes Calling in First

Hell Comes Calling in First "Constantine" Clip

Following the debut of the series' trailer, NBC has released new photos and the first clip from the "Hellblazer" based "Constantine."

NBC Debuts 3-Minute

NBC Debuts 3-Minute "Constantine" Trailer

Days after announcing the series pick up for the Fall 2014 season, NBC has released the first trailer for "Constantine."


WC14: "Revolution" Producer, Actors Discuss What Lies Ahead in Season 2

"Revolution" showrunner Rockne S. O'Bannon and actors Elizabeth Mitchell and Stephen Collins previewed this season's final four episodes.

Bitsie Tulloch on

Bitsie Tulloch on "Grimm's" Big Finale, Joining the "Scooby Gang"

"Grimm's" Bitsie Tulloch discusses Juliette Silverton's evolution, the last block of episodes and her wish list for Season 4.

"Community" Aims to 'Tell a Real Story' with Animated "G.I. Joe" Homage

Tonight's "Community" may place the cast in the animated world of "G.I. Joe," but Executive Producer Chris McKenna says there's a real story behind it.

"Parks & Rec" Cast Talks Relationships, Improv & Amy Poehler at PaleyFest

At PaleyFest, the co-creator and stars of "Parks and Recreation" delved into the home life of Jerry Gergich and the future of Leslie Knope.

NBC Releases First Official, Smoke-filled

NBC Releases First Official, Smoke-filled "Constantine" Photo

Following the leak of an unofficial photo from the set of the pilot, NBC has released its first official, smoke-filled pic of Matt Ryan as "Constantine."

First Photo from NBC's

First Photo from NBC's "Constantine" Remains True to Comics Character

The first photo of star Matt Ryan as "Constantine" underscores Exec. Producer David Goyer's claim that the pilot remains true to the character's roots.

Goyer: NBC’s

Goyer: NBC’s "Constantine" "Clings More Closely to the Source Material"

"Constantine" executive producer David S. Goyer says NBC's upcoming pilot shares more similarities to the comics than the Keanu Reeves film did.

Perrineau, Griffiths and Halford Join NBC's

Perrineau, Griffiths and Halford Join NBC's "Constantine" Pilot

Three more actors have been added to the "Constantine" pilot in main cast roles: Harold Perrineau, Lucy Griffiths and Charles Halford.

Fuller Serves Up Second Helping of NBC's

Fuller Serves Up Second Helping of NBC's "Hannibal"

Showrunner Bryan Fuller talks with SPINOFF about Hannibal Lecter's ongoing bromance, his motivations and what's in store for poor Will Graham in "Hannibal" S2.

POLL: Which

POLL: Which "Heroes" Character Would You Like to See Return in the New Series?

With NBC bringing back "Heroes" in 2015, which character from the original series would you like to see make a return in "Heroes: Reborn"?

NBC Will Revive

NBC Will Revive "Heroes" in 2015

Tim Kring's superhero television show will return as "Heroes: Reborn," a 13-episode miniseries, while NBC teases the possible return of some of the original cast.

NBC Closes in on their

NBC Closes in on their "Constantine"

NBC and Warner Bros. are reportedly close to casting "Criminal Minds" alumnus Matt Ryan as DC Comics' occult anti-hero.

"Gotham" TV Series to Feature Marquee Batman Villains; "Constantine" Gets Pilot Order

The in-development "Gotham" series will not only feature a young Bruce Wayne but big-name villains; "Constantine" gets an NBC pilot order.

"The Blacklist" Producers See Red

Ahead of tonight's midseason premiere, "The Blacklist" producers Jon Bokenkamp & John Eisendrath talk with SPINOFF about the secrets of the thriller's success.

"The Blacklist" Producers on Season 2 Renewal

With NBC's "The Blacklist" already renewed for a second season, SPINOFF ONLINE talks to show producers Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath.

NBC and David Goyer Conjure

NBC and David Goyer Conjure "Constantine"

NBC has given a pilot order to "Constantine," a drama written by David S. Goyer and "The Mentalist's" Daniel Cerone starring the DC Comics occult detective John Constantine.


Oni's "Ghost Projekt" in Development at NBC

Joe Harris and Steve Rolston's "Ghost Projekt," a supernatural thriller released by Oni Press in 2010, is reportedly in development as a drama series at NBC.


SDCC: "Revolution’s" Season Two Promises New Villains, New Setting

The cast and creators of "Revolution" appeared at Comic-Con International to tease new villains and a back-to-basics approach for the second season of NBC's hit sci-fi drama.


SDCC: "Grimm" Cast and Creators Tease New Threats and More Shirtless Renard

The creators and cast of NBC's "Grimm" ventured to Comic-Con International to tease what fans can expect from the upcoming Season 3 and to answer questions about the show's mythology.

SDCC: James Spader and

SDCC: James Spader and "The Blacklist" Cast, Creators Always Bet on Red

Star James Spader and the cast and creators of NBC's "The Blacklist" asked "Who is Red Reddington?" but refused to answer the question during the pilot screening at Comic-Con International.

SDCC: Skybound's

SDCC: Skybound's "Clones" Being Developed For NBC

"Clone," the sci-fi thriller from Image Comics' Skybound imprint, is being developed for television with writer David Schulner penning the pilot script and Robert Kirkman serving as executive producer.

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite & Cullen Bunn Resurrect NBC's

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite & Cullen Bunn Resurrect NBC's "Heroes"

The ordinary people with extraordinary powers from NBC's "Heroes" return in a new series from Dynamite. Writer Cullen Bunn spoke with CBR exclusively about the huge twist which gets the story rolling.

NBC Passes on

NBC Passes on "The Sixth Gun" Pilot

NBC has passed on the television pilot based on Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurrt’s "The Sixth Gun," but Oni Press suggests the project isn’t dead yet.

Bryan Fuller and Hugh Dancy Go Dark For NBC's

Bryan Fuller and Hugh Dancy Go Dark For NBC's "Hannibal"

Creator Bryan Fuller and star Hugh Dancy discuss bringing horror to network television with "Hannibal,"the new NBC thriller based in part on Thomas Harris' novel "Red Dragon," which introduced the world to Dr. Lecter.

Food For Thought:

Food For Thought: "Hannibal," and America's Appetite For Cannibals

Depending upon your taste for TV blood and violence, the "Hannibal" trailer will either whet your appetite for the NBC thriller, or turn your stomach. But what is it about (fictional) cannibals that we find so intriguing?


NBC's "The Sixth Gun" Casts Elena Satine as Missy Hume

"Smallville" alum Elena Satine will play Missy Hume in "The Sixth Gun," a Carlton Cuse-produced pilot based on the supernatural Western by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt.

"Grimm" Creators Kouf & Greenwalt on Keeping NBC Fantasy Grounded

"Grimm" creators/showrunners Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt entertained an enthusiastic crowd at the Omaha Film Festival, just two days after the fantasy police procedural returned to NBC to respectable ratings.

"Community" Cast Previews Puppet Episode at PaleyFest

At "Community's" PaleyFest panel, the stars of the NBC comedy revealed puppet versions of themselves from an upcoming episode, teased what can can expect from the rest of the season and offered ideas for a fifth.

"Saturday Night Live" Takes Aim at "The Walking Dead"

If its ratings didn't quite cement AMC's "The Walking Dead" as a pop-culture phenomenon, perhaps this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" parody will seal the deal. ROBOT 6 has the full skit.

Appeals Court Rejects Artist's Lawsuit Against NBC's

Appeals Court Rejects Artist's Lawsuit Against NBC's "Heroes"

The Ninth Circuit rejected comic creator Jazan Wild’s $60-million claim against NBC Universal and the producers of the television series "Heroes," determining there was no evidence of copyright infringement.