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Lewis Trondheim Discusses

Lewis Trondheim Discusses "The End of Dungeon"

The acclaimed cartoonist talks about the newest -- and final -- volume of his acclaimed series, making comics for children and working autobiographically.

"Family Ties" Puts a Shakespearean Spin on Alaskan Crime

Eric Hobbs & Noel Tuazon reimagine "King Lear" as an Alaskan crime empire breaks apart in a story that deals with aging, dementia, greed and violence.

Cartoonist Jesse Lonergan Is An

Cartoonist Jesse Lonergan Is An "All Star"

The cartoonist behind "Joe and Azat" talks about his new book, "All Star," his love of baseball, small town life and the idea of fairness

Geary Makes Crime Look Good In

Geary Makes Crime Look Good In "The Murder of Stanford White"

Acclaimed cartoonist Rick Geary explains the draw of adapting true crime stories to graphic novels for his "Treasury of XXth Century Murder" series.

Arthur de Pins Takes Readers To

Arthur de Pins Takes Readers To "Zombillenium"

French cartoonist and animator Arthur de Pins discusses his North American debut, the first volume of his darkly comic series "Zombillenium," explaining why monsters - including zombies - are no longer scary.

Etienne Davodeau is One of

Etienne Davodeau is One of "The Initiates"

In his first English language translation, French cartoonist Etienne Davodeau studies winemaking with a French winemaker, and teaches him about art and comics in a book about life, meaning and passion.

Pipeline - 1/2/2013

Pipeline - 1/2/2013

Was 2012 the year of the creator? Or are we still working towards that? Will Franco-Belgian comics go digital in North America? And what can Santa Claus teach us about storytelling and S-curves?

PRESS RELEASE: NBM Publishing Announces Comic-Con International Debuts and Exclusives

Geary Recounts

Geary Recounts "The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti"

Rick Geary's latest "Treasury of XXth Century Murder" puts anarchist immigrants Sacco and Vanzetti on trial. CBR News spoke with the cartoonist about this case and how it differs from his other true-crime comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Geary Tackles "The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti"

PRESS RELEASE: NBM Signs with IPG for General Trade Distribution

PRESS RELEASE: NBM Publishing Presents "The Sky Over the Louvre"

Pipeline - 9/8/2010

Pipeline - 9/8/2010

Augie is feeling Smurftastic! He got his hands on the new Smurf books and has an early review of them for you. And if you're not listening to the podcast, click here for a sample rundown for what the show is all about.

Nantier Talks Smurfs, Rick Geary And More

Nantier Talks Smurfs, Rick Geary And More

NBM publisher Terry Nantier spoke with CBR News about the company's upcoming plans involving The Smurfs and Disney Fairies, Rick Geary and Nicolas de Crecy, classic comic reprints and much, much more.

Rick Geary's

Rick Geary's "Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans"

Rick Geary continues his series of 19th and 20th century true crime graphic novels with "The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans." We spoke with the creator about his latest investigation, on sale in June from NBM.

Pipeline - 10/20/2009

Pipeline - 10/20/2009

Jamie S. Rich brings noir to comics, Red Sonja has a lot to teach the internet, does Marvel's reprint schedule spoil today's big events, and where can you buy Augie's favorite art book for cheap? Click here to find out.


Kleid's "Big Kahn" Game

Indie creator Neil Kleid digs deep into the roots of family betrayal with his story of a Orthodox rabbi con man whose ruse is revealed upon his death. CBR News spoke with Kleid about "The Big Kahn."

PRESS RELEASE: The Deluxe Return Of "Bringing Up Father"

Rick Geary on “XXth Century Murder: Famous Players”

Rick Geary on “XXth Century Murder: Famous Players”

CBR News spoke with Rick Geary about his latest true crime book, which examines the unusual circumstances of director William Desmond Taylor's death in burgeoning 1920s Hollywood.