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EXCLUSIVE: "Powers" Expands to Novels with Book Co-Written By Bendis & Kleid

"Powers" moves to yet another medium, as Brian Michael Bendis and Neil Kleid will co-write the first book set in the world of the comic.

Creators Weigh In On 2014 And 2015 (Part 7)

Creators Weigh In On 2014 And 2015 (Part 7)

In this installment, ROBOT 6 checks in with Tim Seeley, Dustin Weaver, Sarah Glidden, Rachel Deering, Joe Keatinge and more!

Neil Kleid Revisits

Neil Kleid Revisits "Kraven’s Last Hunt" in Spider-Man Prose Novel

The writer talks with ROBOT 6 about the challenges, and the benefits, of adapting the classic 1980s Spider-Man storyline for prose.


Kleid's "Big Kahn" Game

Indie creator Neil Kleid digs deep into the roots of family betrayal with his story of a Orthodox rabbi con man whose ruse is revealed upon his death. CBR News spoke with Kleid about "The Big Kahn."