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PRESS RELEASE: Hickman's Creator-Owned Comics Hit ComiXology

PRESS RELEASE: Jonathan Hickman Recaps "The Nightly News" with Anniversary HC

CCI: Hickman Travels from

CCI: Hickman Travels from "Nightly News" to "Ultimates"

Rising star Jonathan Hickman welcomed a packed house to his spotlight panel at Comic-Con International to discuss his past, present and future in comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Jonathan Hickman To Sign In Southern California For The Very First Time

Hickman & Bodenheim Hold

Hickman & Bodenheim Hold "A Red Mass for Mars"

The end of the world is nigh and humanity can call upon but one hero who's not keen on helping. Jonathan Hickman & Ryan Bodenheim take a new look at the super-archetype in “A Red Mass For Mars”

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics nets nine Eisner nominations