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CBR Games Roundup: October, 2008

CBR Games Roundup: October, 2008

This month's Roundup highlights releases including "Ninjatown," "Little Big Planet," "Dead Space," "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows," ""Fable 2," "Guitar Hero World Tour," and much more.

Creators talk

Creators talk "Ninjatown" Video Game

It's a good to be a Wee Ninja, with the Devil's Due comic in stores this week and a Nintendo DS game coming in October. We spoke with creator Shawn Smith and game maker Brandon Curiel about all things "Ninjatown."

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due, Shawnimals announce WizardWorld Chicago exlusive Geeky Ninja

Visiting “Ninjatown” with Art Baltazar

Visiting “Ninjatown” with Art Baltazar

“Tiny Titans” artist Art Baltazar gives CBR News an exclusive first look at “Ninjatown: Adventures of the Wee Ninja,” a new 48-page one-shot based on the popular Shawnimals toys and coming this month from Devil’s Due. Watch out for Mr. Demon!

NYCC: Exclusive

NYCC: Exclusive "NinjaTown" Preview

CBR News has an exclusive look at some artwork from the first issue of Shawnimals and Devil's Due's new NinjaTown comic book, arriving in June!