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"Falling Skies" Stars, Showrunner Tease Sci-Fi Drama’s Third Season

Actors Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and Doug Jones, along with showrunner Remi Aubuchon, talk about new aliens, a new baby and the upcoming third season of TNT's hit drama "Falling Skies."


WC11: "Falling Skies" Panel

TNT offered WonderCon attendees a preview of the upcoming sci-fi series "Falling Skies," with writers, producers and co-star Drew Roy discussing the development of the drama. SPINOFF has details.

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

CBR TV: Mark Verheiden

Writer Mark Verheiden stopped by CBR TV to discuss his career as a comics creator, producing the upcoming TNT series "Falling Skies" with Noah Wylie and Steve Spielberg, the show's comic tie-ins and more