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Fialkov Breathes Life into

Fialkov Breathes Life into "I, Vampire" & "Alpha"

Joshua Hale Fialkov hints that everyone dies in the final four issues of his acclaimed DC Comics series "I, Vampire" and also spoke to CBR about his "Alpha" miniseries at Marvel.

Fialkov Introduces

Fialkov Introduces "Alpha" To Marvel NOW!

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov expounds on Marvel Comics' upcoming "Alpha" miniseries that expands the role of Spider-Man's one-time sidekick as he migrates to Pittsburgh, PA in February.

Fialkov Brings Spidey's Sidekick to Pittsburgh in

Fialkov Brings Spidey's Sidekick to Pittsburgh in "Alpha"

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Nuno Plati bring Spider-Man's now-powerless sidekick Alpha to Pittsburgh, PA in a five-issue miniseries exploring how he regains his abilities moving forward.


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #692

Doug Zawisza gives the 50th Anniversary Issue of "Amazing Spider-Man" #692 4 stars saying ongoing writer Dan Slott "continues to craft enjoyable stories from start to finish."

EXCLUSIVE: Fialkov Celebrates

EXCLUSIVE: Fialkov Celebrates "Amazing Spider-Man's" 50th

In a new stand alone story debuting as part of "Amazing Spider-Man" #692's 50th Anniversary celebration, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Nuno Plati spin a story of Spidey going solo to face down bullying.

Marvel Launches All-Ages

Marvel Launches All-Ages "Avengers" & "Ultimate Spider-Man" Comics

This April, Marvel Comics launches two new all-ages comics based on "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated shows by veteran writers Chris Yost, Man of Action and Dan Slott.


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #657

Doug Zawisza gives "Amazing Spider-Man" #657 a rare 5 star review, calling writer Dan Slott's story, drawn by several artists, "fun, emotional, and memorable, worthy of reading, re-reading and sharing."