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Murphy Revisits

Murphy Revisits "Hellblazer"

Sean Murphy, the artist of "Joe the Barbarian," spoke with CBR about his return to John Constantine in "Hellblazer: City of Demons," the new edition of his creator-owned "Off Road" and the status of "Punk Rock Jesus."

Talking with

Talking with "Hellblazer" Artist Sean Murphy

Artist Sean Murphy (“Off Road”, “Batman/Scarecrow: Year One”) talks about his work on “Hellblazer" and how he came to terms with the book's graphic horror. Murphy also tells CBR News about future projects.

Power Wheels: Sean Murphy talks

Power Wheels: Sean Murphy talks "Off Road"

With his new Oni graphic novel "Off Road" shipping in November, Sean Murphy spoke to CBR News about why it isn't another simple slice of life book. Includes over fifty pages of completed pages of preview art.