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Awan Explores Global Mythology in

Awan Explores Global Mythology in "Jinnrise"

Sohaib Awan, the writer behind IDW Publishing's new series "Jinnrise," tells CBR News about jinn, his visit to Dubai for the Middle East Film and Comic Con and his plans for Jabal Entertainment.

CCI: Udon Brings Back

CCI: Udon Brings Back "Street Fighter" in Print and Online

Udon Entertainment charged into San Diego with news of new "Street Fighter" graphic novels, a new line of anime artbooks and one of the hottest items of the con, a "Marvel Vs. Capcom" hardcover.

PRESS RELEASE: UDON Debuts Three New Books at 2011 Comic-Con International

YA TA: Creators Talk

YA TA: Creators Talk "Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li"

Street Fighter fans will want to pull themselves away from the new games to find out what UDON's Ken Siu-Chong and Omar Dogan have to say about Chun-Li's origin in "Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li."