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Fawkes Makes Magic with

Fawkes Makes Magic with "Constantine"

Ray Fawkes discusses his and Jeff Lemire's approach to "Constantine" and how the solo series will present the one time Vertigo mainstay in a different light than his "Justice League Dark" appearances.

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press Announces Comic-Con International Offerings

Fawkes Employs 18 Characters to Create

Fawkes Employs 18 Characters to Create "One Soul"

Writer/artist Ray Fawkes discusses "One Soul," his wildly ambitious Oni Press graphic novel detailing the lives of 18 people throughout history, from birth to death.

C2E2: Oni Press

C2E2: Oni Press

Ranging from pulp to philosophy, snake-punching to the meaning of life, the Oni Press panel at C2E2 provided both good fun and food for thought, featuring Oni creators Cullen Bunn, Ray Fawkes, and Brian Hurtt.

C2E2: Fawkes Explores 18 Lives in

C2E2: Fawkes Explores 18 Lives in "One Soul"

Oni Press has announced a new original graphic novel by acclaimed cartoonist Ray Fawkes. Titled "One Soul," the story simultaneously follows the lives of eighteen individuals throughout history.

NYCC: Oni Press Panel

NYCC: Oni Press Panel

Oni Press announced more “Hopeless Savages,” a new spy book from Antony Johnston, and what they described as their most ambitious book yet in Sunday's jam-packed panel at New York Comic Con.