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Exclusive: Ted Naifeh's

Exclusive: Ted Naifeh's "Courtney Crumrin" ongoing starts in April

Halloween comes early in 2012 as Ted Naifeh's "Courtney Crumrin" scares up an ongoing series in April, courtesy of Oni Press. ROBOT 6 talks to Naifeh about what he has in store for the heroine.

PRESS RELEASE: Ted Nafieh's "Courtney Crumrin" in Color from Oni Press in April

PRESS RELEASE: J.H. Williams III Provides Variant for Oni's "D.B. Cooper" #1


PREVIEW: "The Secret History of D.B. Cooper" #1

Oni Press has released an early look at the March-launching "The Secret History of D.B. Cooper," #1 a new monthly series from creator Brian Churillo.

Brian Hurtt Loads

Brian Hurtt Loads "The Sixth Gun"

The artist of "The Sixth Gun," Brian Hurtt spoke with CBR about his work on the acclaimed Oni Press series, getting his start on "Queen and Country," working with Steve Gerber, Cullen Bunn and Greg Rucka and more.

Antony Johnston Returns to the

Antony Johnston Returns to the "Wasteland"

Antony Johnston's post-Apocalyptic "Wasteland" returns to a monthly schedule in January with a $1 issue. We spoke with Johnston about the series' past and future and get an exclusive look at issues 32 and 33.

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press 2012 Internships Now Available

PRESS RELEASE: "Wasteland" Goes Monthly with #33 for $1

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond, Oni Press Extend Distribution Agreement

Catching Up With Joshua Williamson

Catching Up With Joshua Williamson

CBR spoke with Joshua Williamson about his myriad of projects, from launching his creator-owned ongoing series "XenoHolics" to the kid-friendly OGNs "Sketch Monsters" to video-game adventure in "Uncharted" and more

Rich, Hitori De and Jones Re-cast

Rich, Hitori De and Jones Re-cast "Spell Checkers"

Creators Jamie S. Rich, Nicolas Hitori de and Joëlle Jones discuss Vol. 2 of their "Mean Girls" with magic book, what's changed since Vol. 1 and what's in store next for their protagonists.

Showtime Summons

Showtime Summons "The Damned"

"X-Men" screenwriter David Hayter is tackling Showtime's adaptation of "The Damned," the Oni Press supernatural gangster comic by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. SPINOFF has details.

Churilla Reveals

Churilla Reveals "The Secret History of D.B. Cooper"

Creator Brian Churilla gives his version why the 1971 hijacking of a Boeing 727 happened and offers an alternate look at the inner workings of D.B. Cooper, Cold War-era CIA agent,

CBR TV @ CCI: Joëlle Jones on

CBR TV @ CCI: Joëlle Jones on "Troublemakers," the Punisher & More

Joëlle Jones spoke with CBR TV about working with writer Janet Evanovich on "Troublemaker" for Dark Horse, how the Punisher was at the root of her comic book love and much more.

CCI: The Road to

CCI: The Road to "Stumptown"

During their CCI panel, the "Stumptown" creative team of Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth went in depth on their Eisner-nominated crime title, their creative process and zombie jokes.

Talking Comics with Tyler Crook

Talking Comics with Tyler Crook

ROBOT 6 catches up with artist Tyler Crook to discuss the creator-owned "Petrograd" from Oni Press and his work on Dark Horse's "B.P.R.D."

CCI: The Oni Press Panel

CCI: The Oni Press Panel

Cory Casoni gave Comic-Con attendees the "hard sell" on upcoming Oni Press titles, revealing con exclusives , announcing TV deals and showing off titles from the indie publisher's upcoming releases.

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press Announces Comic-Con International Offerings

Fawkes Employs 18 Characters to Create

Fawkes Employs 18 Characters to Create "One Soul"

Writer/artist Ray Fawkes discusses "One Soul," his wildly ambitious Oni Press graphic novel detailing the lives of 18 people throughout history, from birth to death.

Spears & Chuck BB Play

Spears & Chuck BB Play "Black Metal"

CBR News spoke with creators Rick Spears and Chuck BB about "Black Metal's" October return, when the Brothers Stronghand confront the craftier minions of Hell. Plus, an exclusive 25-page preview!

Joe Harris is

Joe Harris is "Scarlet" & "Spontaneous"

Joe Harris, the writer behind "Spontaneous," Oni Press' FCBD offering and Dynamite Entertainment's upcoming "Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion" spoke with CBR News about both projects.

CBR TV @ C2E2: Zubkavich, Bunn

CBR TV @ C2E2: Zubkavich, Bunn

Jim Zubkavich speaks and drinks with Kiel Phegley, discussing the origins behind his current hit Image title, "Skull Kickers," while writer Cullen Bunn talks with Kiel about his current projects at Oni Press and Marvel

C2E2: Oni Press

C2E2: Oni Press

Ranging from pulp to philosophy, snake-punching to the meaning of life, the Oni Press panel at C2E2 provided both good fun and food for thought, featuring Oni creators Cullen Bunn, Ray Fawkes, and Brian Hurtt.

C2E2: Fawkes Explores 18 Lives in

C2E2: Fawkes Explores 18 Lives in "One Soul"

Oni Press has announced a new original graphic novel by acclaimed cartoonist Ray Fawkes. Titled "One Soul," the story simultaneously follows the lives of eighteen individuals throughout history.

Bunn & Kindt Speak

Bunn & Kindt Speak "The Tooth"

CBR News spoke with co-writer Cullen Bunn and artist Matt Kindt about their collaboration with co-writer Shawn Lee on "The Tooth," a new Oni Press graphic novel featuring a monster smackdown of epic proportions.

PRESS RELEASE: Bridge City Comics Presents "Stumptown" Release Party with Rucka and Southworth

Bunn: From

Bunn: From "The Damned" to "Superman/Batman"

Writer Cullen Bunn spoke with CBR News about the transition from writing creator-owned series like "The Damned" and "The Sixth Gun" to scripting "Superman/Batman," "Captain America" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press Promotes Charlie Chu and Jill Beaton to Editor


Talking "Hopeless Savages"

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea discussed "Hopeless Savages Greatest Hits" with the artists involved with the stories in the collection, with Bryan Lee O'Malley, Christine Norrey and more talking about working on Jen Van Meter's creation.

Oleksyk Watches

Oleksyk Watches "Ivy" Grow

Russ Manning Award-nominated cartoonist Sarah Oleksyk spoke with CBR News about her debut graphic novel, "Ivy,' out this week from Oni Press while providing a sneak peak at hers and Fred van Lente's "Renaissance."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Possessions Vol. 2"

Courtesy of Oni Press, ROBOT 6 offers an exclusive preview of the second volume of Ray Fawkes’ “Possessions.” The all-ages book features the return of Gurgazon the Unclean, the cutest little pit demon ever.

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press Introduces the Board Comic with Two New Yo Gabba Gabba! Titles

Bunn On Deadpools & Sixth Guns

Bunn On Deadpools & Sixth Guns

Cullen Bunn spoke about his growing mainstream work and indie focus as he drops a "Deadpool Team-Up" playing with professional wrestling and the next expansive arc of his Western horror monthly "The Sixth Gun."

NYCC: Oni Press Panel

NYCC: Oni Press Panel

Oni Press announced more “Hopeless Savages,” a new spy book from Antony Johnston, and what they described as their most ambitious book yet in Sunday's jam-packed panel at New York Comic Con.

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press at NYCC 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Oni's "Sixth Gun" Adds One to the Posse & Takes Aim at the Comics Recession

Oni Press' Roller Derby

Oni Press' Roller Derby "Jam!"

The editors and creators behind Oni Press' Roller Derby themed anthology "Jam!" spoke with CBR News about the book and it's origins, while sharing "Goon" creator Eric Powell's complete story from the book.



Courtesy of Oni Press, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "The Sixth Gun" #3 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. The next issue of the critically acclaimed series hits stores tomorrow, August 18.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"

Composed of equal parts romance, fighting and comedy, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" is possibly the purest form of director Edgar Wright's vision, a giddy celebration of comics, girls, video games and movies.

CBR TV @ CCI: Bryan Lee O'Malley

CBR TV @ CCI: Bryan Lee O'Malley

CBR TV spoke with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley about the release of the final volume of his video game/slacker/love story epic, the Toronto midnight release party, his upcoming movie and much more.