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From Batgirl to Oracle: A Guide to Barbara Gordon's Second Act

From Batgirl to Oracle: A Guide to Barbara Gordon's Second Act

With Batgirl (and the Joker) on the minds of many readers this week, look back at Barbara Gordon's transition from Batgirl to Oracle.

The Mission - 3/16/2015

The Mission - 3/16/2015

Joseph Illidge weighs in on the criticism of DC Comics' variant cover for "Batgirl" 41 by looking at the character's past.

"I'd Make Felicity Smoak the New Oracle" & More I'Ds of March

Each Ides of March, CSBG celebrates with ideas that they would try out in comics, like having "Arrow's" Felicity Smoak become Batman's new Oracle.

REPORT: Alleged Live-Action

REPORT: Alleged Live-Action "Titans" Cast Revealed, Includes Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and More

A new report states TNT's live-action "Titans" series will feature DC Comics characters including Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and Raven.


REVIEW: "Batgirl" #1

Greg McElhatton gives "Batgirl" #1 3.5 stars, saying of Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf's re-introduction of Barbara Gordon to the Bat-family, "strong enough to make me want to read a second issue."

THE BAT SIGNAL: Bryan Q. Miller

THE BAT SIGNAL: Bryan Q. Miller

Bryan Q. Miller discussed plans for the ongoing "Batgirl" series, including the current year's major arc, increasing Stephanie's support network beyond Gotham and what the "Death of Oracle" means for Team Batgirl.

Simone Unleashes

Simone Unleashes "Birds of Prey" 2.0

Gail Simone spoke with CBR News about the relaunch of "Birds of Prey" with Ed Benes, what adding Hawk to the team means to the team and which major Bat-villain joins the fray. Here's a hint: This bird can't fly.

VanHook Talks

VanHook Talks "Oracle" Miniseries

With one issue remaining in his monster mash, “Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves,” DC has tagged acclaimed horror author/filmmaker Kevin VanHook to pen the **Battle for the Cowl** tie-in miniseries, “Oracle.”