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X-POSITION: Greg Pak's

X-POSITION: Greg Pak's "X-Treme" Visions

All your questions about Dazzler and her team of alternate reality X-Men are answered by series writer Greg Pak! We'll be "X-Treme"-ly pleased if you join the fun! Plus, exclusive art.

WC12 EXCLUSIVE: Wood Empowers Mutants in

WC12 EXCLUSIVE: Wood Empowers Mutants in "X-Men" & "Ultimate Comics X-Men"

CBR News spoke with acclaimed writer Brian Wood about writing two different X-Universes as the acclaimed writer takes over Marvel's "X-Men" and "Ultimate Comics X-Men" this June.

Tieri Talks “Wolverine: Mr. X

Tieri Talks “Wolverine: Mr. X"

The telepathic serial killer Mr. X is out for revenge on the first person to ever defeat him in the one-shot “Wolverine: Mr. X”, which is in stores this week. We spoke with writer Frank Tieri about the project.

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