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Six DC Titles to End in August, Including

Six DC Titles to End in August, Including "Birds of Prey" and "Superboy"

A half-dozen DC Comics titles will wrap in August: "All-Star Western," "Phantom Stranger," "Pandora," "Superboy," "Birds of Prey" and "Batwing."

DC Announces

DC Announces "Forever Evil: Blight," 18-Part Crossover Starting This Month

"Justice League Dark," "Constantine," "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" and "Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger" are crossing over in an 18-part story titled "Forever Evil: Blight," running from October through March.

DC Debuts Sampere's

DC Debuts Sampere's "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" #2 Pages

Pandora has been the New 52's most enigmatic figure, but that all changes when she gets the spotlight in Ray Fawkes & Daniel Sampere's "Trinity of Sin: Pandora," and DC has revealed pages from #2.

"Justice League" Draws the Battle Lines of "Trinity War"

DC Comics Editor Brian Cunningham gives CBR an inside look at "Trinity War," including which titles tie into the Justice League event, the shocking death that starts it all and looming battles with Secret Society & Shazam.


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Pasqual Ferry's "Pandora" Variant Cover

Artist Pasqual Ferry provides the variant cover for DC Comics' "Pandora: Trinity of Sin #1, setting the mysterious character against a backdrop of the Seven Deadly Sins in this CBR exclusive first look.

DeMatteis, Fawkes Discuss

DeMatteis, Fawkes Discuss "Trinity War," Comic Book Religion

Writers Ray Fawkes and J.M. DeMatteis discuss DC Comics' upcoming "Trinity War" Justice League crossover, the Trinity Of Sin and how they tackle their characters' religious overtones and origins.

Jerry Ordway, Pandora and The Future

Jerry Ordway, Pandora and The Future

ROBOT 6's Tom Bondurant adds his voice to the chorus of folks asking DC to give Jerry Ordway work, noting his "multiversal background" would make him perfect for the new universe-building "Pandora" comic.


ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Fawkes Opens "Trinity of Sin: Pandora"

The hooded woman somehow entwined with the birth of DC Comics' New 52 Universe steps into her own series, and writer Ray Fawkes explains how in the pages of the April-launching "Trinity of Sin: Pandora."

DC's April Releases are

DC's April Releases are "WTF Certified"

A new logo for DC's upcoming April publishing initiative marks the issues of the New 52 officially "WTF Certified," with teased appearances by Booster Gold, the Creeper, the New Gods and more.

The Secrets of DC's Free Comic Book Day Issue

The Secrets of DC's Free Comic Book Day Issue

CBR delves into the subtleties and secrets of DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day issue, which opens a Pandora's Box of new questions for the coming year in the DC Universe.

DC Comics' New 52 Mystery Woman: Pandora

DC Comics' New 52 Mystery Woman: Pandora

DC Comics reveals the name of the enigmatic hooded figure who haunted the end of "Flashpoint" and every New 52 #1 issue with a promise for more from Pandora in 2012.

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

C2E2: Avatar Press Panel

Avatar Press announced a new "War Goddess" series and "Gravel" ongoing while fielding a Q&A session that addressed everything from Alan Moore's "Neonomicon" to Garth Ennis and Jamie Delano on new issues of "Crossed."

C2E2: Bad Girls Return in

C2E2: Bad Girls Return in "War Goddess"

Classic Avatar heroines Pandora, Hellina and Widow return in "War Goddess," an ongoing series debuting in June. CBR spoke with writer Mike Wolfer about bringing back the "bad girls" and the world he's building.