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Richard McGuire Explores the History of

Richard McGuire Explores the History of "Here"

Artist, musician and filmmaker Richard McGuire returns to comics, expanding his story "Here" from its "Raw" short story to a full-length graphic novel.

IDW Developing Michael Chiklis-Created

IDW Developing Michael Chiklis-Created "Pantheon" for TV

The latest comic book-based TV show in the works is "Pantheon," an adaptation of the 2010 IDW miniseries co-created by actor Michael Chiklis.

Comics A.M. - ComiXology Surpasses 200 Million Downloads

Comics A.M. - ComiXology Surpasses 200 Million Downloads

ComiXology passes 200 million-download milestone! Pantheon acquires rights to Michael Cho's first graphic novel! Interviews with Mark Waid, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Jamal Igle and more!

Designing a Digital

Designing a Digital "Meta Maus"

Ryan Nadel spoke with CBR about working with Art Spiegelman to produce the "Meta Maus" DVD, an interactive accompaniment to the recently released behind-the-scenes look at "Maus."

Craig Thompson Discusses

Craig Thompson Discusses "Habibi"

The award winning cartoonist behind "Blankets" and "Goodbye, Chunky Rice" spoke in depth with CBR News about his new book, one of the most anticipated graphic novels of the year.

Charles Burns is

Charles Burns is "X'ed Out"

In his first major comics project since "Black Hole," Award-winning cartoonist Charles Burns tells a surreal full color story that borrows from Tintin, the punk era and more in the Pantheon published "X-ed Out."

Andreyko Ascends to

Andreyko Ascends to "Pantheon"

Marc Andreyko scales Olympus with "Pantheon," in which the gods of myth return with mysterious purpose in a near-future world. The series, co-created with "The Shield" star Michael Chiklis, debuts this week from IDW.

Ross Unearths

Ross Unearths "Rough Justice"

In his new collaboration with editor/designer Chip Kidd, acclaimed painter Alex Ross shares unseen sketches, process pieces, character designs and something called Bayboy from his past five years of DC Comics art.

Kidd Designs Alex Ross'

Kidd Designs Alex Ross' "Rough Justice"

Designer, editor and writer Chip Kidd spoke with CBR News about the new Alex Ross book "Rough Justice," Pantheon's line of graphics novels, designing for DC Comics and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Chiklis's Pantheon Arrives in April from IDW