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Mills' "Book of Scars" Celebrates 30 Years of "Slaine" at "2000 AD"

Pat Mills revisits 30 years of Celtic warrior-king Slaine with CBR and talks the upcoming "Book of Scars" that reunites him former "Slaine" artists Simon Bisley, Mick McMahon, Clint Langley and Glen Fabry.

Mills Zombifies History with

Mills Zombifies History with "Defoe: The Damned"

"2000 AD" co-creator Pat Mills spoke about "Defoe: The Damned," his 17th century alternate history zombie tale with artist Leigh Gallagher, revealing why he prefers historical fiction over sci-fi.

Pat Mills Digs Into 2000 AD's

Pat Mills Digs Into 2000 AD's "Flesh"

Legendary creator of "2000 AD" Pat Mills talks about his long-running, time-travelling cowboys and dinosaurs saga "Flesh," what to expect in the new installment "Badlanders," his thoughts on the "Dredd" film and more.

Abnett on

Abnett on "Sinister Dexter" and 35 Years of "2000 AD"

Writer Dan Abnett talks about his enormous "2000 AD" output over the past two decades, his favorite thrills to write, what makes Pat Mills special, and the next chapter of "Sinister Dexter."

EXCLUSIVE: Andy Diggle Celebrates 35 Years of

EXCLUSIVE: Andy Diggle Celebrates 35 Years of "2000 AD"

Former "2000 AD" EIC Andy Diggle spoke with CBR about working for the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, the series' brush with cancellation, the return of "Lenny Zero" and his response to his biggest critics.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Swierczynski is the Law on IDW's

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Swierczynski is the Law on IDW's "Judge Dredd"

Writer Duane Swierczynski spoke to CBR News about writing Mega-City One's top cow in IDW's new "Judge Dredd" ongoing series, announced today at Comic-Con International.

PRESS RELEASE: Forbidden Planet Summons Mills, Bisley for "Slaine" HC Signing

2012 AD: Pat Mills Remembers 35 Years of

2012 AD: Pat Mills Remembers 35 Years of "2000 AD"

CBR presents 2012 AD, a series of interviews to celebrate the 35th anniversary of "2000 AD." Pat Mills, founder and original Tharg, talks 35 years of "2000 AD," "Nemesis," "Marshal Law" and more.

When Words Collide - 6/27/2011

When Words Collide - 6/27/2011

Tim cracks open the Rebellion collection of Pat Mills and Simon Bisley's "Sláine: The Horned God," and why this violent barbarian tale is different than you might expect.

PRESS RELEASE: "Slaine: The Horned God" Special Edition Arrives 21 Years After First Publication

PRESS RELEASE: A Sequel 65 Million Years in the Making

Smith Brings the UK to the USA

Smith Brings the UK to the USA

"2000AD" editor Matt Smith sat down with CBR News to discuss the future of the legendary UK title, his take on the "Judge Dredd" movie and an exclusive first look at Pat Mill’s upcoming "Flesh" sequel.


CCI EXCLUSIVE: "2000AD" Announces US Edition

Editor Keith Richardson sat down with CBR in San Diego and revealed plans for a US version of “2000AD,” never before seen in the US Alan Moore material, and the holy grail of Grant Morrison comics.

CCI: 2000AD Introduces

CCI: 2000AD Introduces "Anarchy in the USA"

At CCI, Pat Mills, creator of "2000AD," superstar artist Jock and editor Keith Richardson discussed "2000AD," breaking in to the American market and what it is that sets US and UK comic fans apart.