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EXCL. PREVIEWS: Black Mask's

EXCL. PREVIEWS: Black Mask's "Last Born" #4, Toe Tag Riot" #2

Check out exclusive previews of Black Mask's "Last Born" by Patrick Meaney & Eric Zawadzki and "Toe Tag Riot" by Matt Miner & Sean Von Gorman.

SDCC: New Documentary Tries to Capture Gaiman's Creative Spark

SDCC: New Documentary Tries to Capture Gaiman's Creative Spark

The filmmakers behind Sequart's new Neil Gaiman documentary brought clips from their film to San Diego to explore a year in the life of the acclaimed creator.

When Words Collide - 11/19/2012

When Words Collide - 11/19/2012

Tim spoke with filmmaker Patrick Meaney about what he's learned from Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis, and what's in store for the upcoming documentary feature, "The Image Revolution."

CCI: Silvestri, Meaney & Rennert Discuss

CCI: Silvestri, Meaney & Rennert Discuss "The Image Revolution"

"The Image Revolution" director/producer Patrick Meaney, producer Jordan Rennert and Image co-founder Marc Silvestri discuss the documentary which focuses on the rise, fall and rebirth of Image Comics.

CCI: Warren Ellis Goes

CCI: Warren Ellis Goes "Ghosts" Busting

The "Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts" filmmakers screened snippets of their upcoming documentary and introduced a spot-on Ellis puppet for Comic-Con attendees.

PRESS RELEASE: Check out "Invisibles" from Sequart

When Words Collide - 9/14/2009

When Words Collide - 9/14/2009

This week, Tim interviews Patrick Meaney about his new book on Grant Morrison's seminal series, "The Invisibles," and the two discuss how the title works and how it compares to something like Alan Moore's "Promethea."