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Comics A.M. - Putting

Comics A.M. - Putting "Panel Parity" Into Practice; JManga Goes Global

"X-Club" writer Simon Spurrier embraces Paul Cornell's "Panel Parity" movement! JManga drops regional restrictions! "Eyeshield 21" creator releases new shorts on Twitter! Plus much more!


REVIEW: "Stormwatch" #6

Doug Zawisza gives Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda's "Stormwatch" #6 4 stars, saying of Cornell's final issue, "This is how a writer should end his stay on a book."

Peter Milligan Joins

Peter Milligan Joins "Stormwatch"

DC Comics has announced Peter Milligan will come on as writer for "Stormwatch" beginning with issue #9 in May following his departure from "Justice League Dark."

Cornell Rides with the

Cornell Rides with the "Demon Knights"

Series writer Paul Cornell shares his views on Etrigan the demon as a leader, the effect of Camelot's fall on the book and teases what's in store for the Knights in the second arc.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Stormwatch" #4

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Stormwatch" #4. Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda continue to introduce the Wildstorm team to the New 52 on December 7!

Cornell Seeks Truth in

Cornell Seeks Truth in "Saucer Country"

CBR spoke with writer Paul Cornell about his new UFO-centric Vertigo series "Saucer Country." He describes the series as "West Wing" does "X-Files" and revealed info on the characters. Updated with art.

NYCC: DC All Access - The Edge/The Dark

NYCC: DC All Access - The Edge/The Dark

At the DC Comics All Access: The Edge/The Dark panel at New York Comic Con the creative teams behind DC Dark and Edge took the stage to talk about upcoming issues.

Building The World of

Building The World of "Demon Knights"

One issue in to his DC Comics New 52 series "Demon Knights," Paul Cornell has already sewn the seeds for an epic battle, a wicked queen, a twisted romance and more epic fantasy turns for the Demon, Madame Xanadu, Shining Knight and company.

Cornell Dissects

Cornell Dissects "Stormwatch" #1

The first of DC's New 52 to pull the WildStorm Universe into a new era, "Stormwatch" and writer Paul Cornell serve up a love letter to Warren Ellis, a bad ass Martian Manhunter and the great romance of Apollo and Midnighter.

Video Preview of DC's

Video Preview of DC's "Stormwatch" #1

A new video offers a sneak peek at "Stormwatch" #1, by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda, part of DC Comics' heavily promoted September relaunch. ROBOT 6 has details.


EXCLUSIVE: "Swamp Thing," "Deathstroke," "Demon Knights" #3 Covers

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the November-shipping third issue covers for "Swamp Thing," "Demon Knights" and "Deathstroke.

CBR TV @ CCI: Cornell on

CBR TV @ CCI: Cornell on "Action," "Stormwatch, " Demon Knights"

Paul Cornell spoke with CBR TV about being the final writer on "Action Comics" original run, creating new DC Comics characters in "Demon Knights," Apollo and Midnighter's relationship in "Stormwatch" and much more.

CCI: DC Dark and Edge Panel

CCI: DC Dark and Edge Panel

The DC Dark and Edge panel at Comic-Con International saw an enthusiastic Paul Cornell, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, and more answering fan questions about the more eccentric side of the New 52.

Cornell, Fialkov, Lemire & Snyder Bring The Monsters of DC

Cornell, Fialkov, Lemire & Snyder Bring The Monsters of DC

From "Swamp Thing" and "Frankenstein" to "Demon Knights" and "I, Vampire," DC's new line resurrects a wave of classic monster concepts and CBR speaks with the writers behind them.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #902

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Action Comics" #902, the latest chapter in "Reign of the Doomsdays" by Paul Cornell, Kenneth Rocafort and Axel Gimenez. The battle continues on June 22!

Cornell Checks the Temperature of

Cornell Checks the Temperature of "Stormwatch"

Hugo-nominated writer Paul Cornell spoke with CBR about the revamped "Stormwatch," and its surprising new lineup including the Martian Manhunter, as well as the title's importance in the new DCU.

When Words Collide - 6/13/2011

When Words Collide - 6/13/2011

Tim considers how best to read certain serialized comics and spotlights recent books of interest like Paul Cornell's "Action Comics," Rozum and Irving's "Xombi," and Jeff Parker's "Thunderbolts."

Cornell Summons

Cornell Summons "Demon Knights"

Etrigan rises again in "Demon Knights," a new ongoing series by Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves, part of DC Comics’ September relaunch. CBR News spoke with Cornell about the Medieval DCU series.

Martian Manhunter's

Martian Manhunter's "Stormwatch," "Deathstroke" In DC's Latest

The next wave of relaunch titles from DC Comics includes Paul Cornell's DC/WildStorm mashup of "Stormwatch," new series for "Deathstroke" and "Sgt. Rock" and Dan Didio's "OMAC."

"Voodoo," "Resurrection Man" Join DC's Dark Side

Five new DC Comics series focus on the darker side of the DCU including Scott Snyder's "Swamp Thing" and Peter Milligan's "Justice League Dark." UPDATED: Wildstorm joins the new DCU with "Voodoo," "Resurrection Man."


READ THE FULL ISSUE: "Soldier Zero" #1

With the first collection of "Stan Lee's Soldier Zero" in stores this week, BOOM! Studios has provided CBR readers with a chance to read the entire first issue by the creative team of Paul Cornell and Javier Pina.

Lindelof Gets Lost in

Lindelof Gets Lost in "Action Comics" #900

Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of "Lost," spoke with CBR about his story in today's "Action Comics" #900 and also shared his thoughts on the forthcoming "Superman" movie, his next project, "Cowboys & Aliens" and more.


PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #900

DC Comics has released a preview of Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' story from "Action Comics" #900. The issue, an oversized anniversary extravaganza, hits stores tomorrow, April 27.

KAPOW: Day One Brings It Con!

KAPOW: Day One Brings It Con!

Kapow Comic Con, the newest kid on the convention block, hit London this weekend. Organized by Mark Millar, who promised a San Diego experience over two days.

CBR TV: Paul Cornell Talks

CBR TV: Paul Cornell Talks "Action Comics"

Paul Cornell spoke with CBR TV about “Action Comics” #900, the trick in balancing Lex Luthor’s characterization, keeping readers invested in the villain without cheering for him, his take on Doomsday and more.



The writer of "Action Comics" brings all his major threads home as Lex Luthor's quest collides with the attack of Superman's killer and Paul Cornell explains how his Man of Steel will take charge and stay human.


PREVIEWS: "Wonder Woman," "Action Comics"

DC Comics has released previews for Phil Hester and Don Kramer's "Wonder Woman" #606 and Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' "Action Comics" #899, both hitting stores next Wednesday, March 30.

C2E2: DC Icons

C2E2: DC Icons

During C2E2's DC Icons panel, Paul Cornell spoke about his approach to the Man of Steel, Phil Hester hinted at what's to come in the pages of "Wonder Woman" and Dan DiDio summarized DC's current mission statement.


PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #898

DC Comics has provided a five-page preview of "Action Comics" #898 by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods, which hits stores tomorrow. In "Black Ring" Part 9, Lex Luthor gets his rematch with Larfleeze!

DnA Assimilate

DnA Assimilate "Soldier Zero"

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning take over BOOM! Studios' "Stan Lee's Soldier Zero" with issue #5 and CBR News spoke with them about new adversaries, sibling dynamics, epic science fiction and working with Stan Lee.


REVIEW: "Action Comics" #897

Doug Zawisza gave "Action Comics" #897 4.5 stars saying of Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' latest chapter in the saga of Lex Luthor, "with Cornell guiding Luthor’s path, I don’t see [my] enjoyment diminishing any time soon."


PREVIEW: "Action Comics" #897

DC Comics has released a five-page preview of "Action Comics" #897 by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods. The issue features a showdown between Lex Luthor and the Joker, and is on sale January 26.

An All-Star Team-Up For

An All-Star Team-Up For "Action Comics" #900

An A-list team of creators including Damon Linelof, Richard Donner and Alex Ross bring the Man of Steel back home from his cross-country journey to "Action Comics" where Doomsday and Lex Luthor await.


EXTENDED PREVIEW: "Soldier Zero" #4

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR presents an exclusive, extended preview of "Stan Lee's Soldier Zero" #4, by Paul Cornell and Javier Pina. The issue, with covers by Trevor Harisine and Kalman Andrasofszky, hits stores January 19.

Ross Covers

Ross Covers "Action Comics" #900

Today, DC Comics announced that "Action Comics" #900 will receive a variant cover painted by Alex Ross, a dramatic reinterpretation of the original "Action Comics" #1 cover by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster.


PREVIEW: "Batman and Robin" #19

DC Comics has released a preview of "Batman and Robin" #19, the final issue from Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel with covers by Patrick Gleason and Gene Ha. The bizarre story of The Absence concludes February 12.

PRESS RELEASE: Paul Cornell, Scott Snyder, and More Guests Announced for C2E2

Superman Returns in

Superman Returns in "Action" #900

DC has unveiled David Finch's cover for "Action Comics" #900 featuring the return of Superman to the title, which has been a Lex Luthor showcase for nearly a year, in a 50 page story by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods.

DC WRITER'S RELAY: Cornell on Snyder

DC WRITER'S RELAY: Cornell on Snyder

CBR's series of writer-on-writer interviews with some of DC Comics' biggest new names wraps as Paul Cornell grills Scott Snyder on the psychological underpinnings of "Detective Comics" and writing with Stephen King.

DnA Relieve Cornell on

DnA Relieve Cornell on "Soldier Zero"

BOOM! Studios have announced Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, otherwise known as DnA, will replace Paul Cornell on "Stan Lee's Soldier Zero" when the writer departs the series after issue #4.