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Comic Book Legends Revealed - Baum's

Comic Book Legends Revealed - Baum's "Oz" Comics, Jack Staff & Kitty Pryde

The bizarre tale of the dueling "Wizard of Oz" comic strips from the turn of the 20th Century! Was Jack Staff originally going to be a Union Jack comic book? And what did Chris Claremont have planned for Kitty Pryde?

Comics A.M. - Bandai Halts New Manga, Anime Releases

Comics A.M. - Bandai Halts New Manga, Anime Releases

Bandai Entertainment stops new manga and anime releases! Nominees announced for Cybils YA literary awards! Brubaker and Phillips talk "Fatale"! Grist talks "Mudman"! Plus much more!

Paul Grist Slings

Paul Grist Slings "Mudman"

"Jack Staff" and "Kane" writer/artist Paul Grist explores his home town and the perils of teenage superheroics in "Mudman" from Image Comics, plus exclusive art.

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Grist Debuts

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Grist Debuts "Mudman"

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR News presents an exclusive first look at Paul Grist's November-debuting creation, the teen-aged superhero known as Mudman!

PRESS RELEASE: Titan Announces "Torchwood" New York Comic Con Exclusive

"Next Issue Project" Returns With "Silver Streak Comics" #24

Series editor and creative director Erik Larsen spoke with CBR about the long awaited return of "The Next Issue Project" with "Silver Streak Comics" #24, highlighting heroes such as the Golden Age Daredevil and Kelly the Cop.

BCC: Jack Staff Gets

BCC: Jack Staff Gets "Weird"

Britain's Greatest Hero gets a brand new ongoing Image series next year titled "The Weird World of Jack Staff." CBR tapped creator Paul Grist to talk about the series as well as his upcoming "The Eternal Conflicts of the Cosmic Warrior."