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SDCC: Monkeybrain Previews New Digital Comics

SDCC: Monkeybrain Previews New Digital Comics

Comic-Con International's Monkeybrain Comics panel highlighted the digital publisher's recently announced new series, as well as the Eisner Award winning "Bandette" and the sales success of their line-up.

"Frank Reade" Flies Again with "Boilerplate's" Guinan & Bennett

"Boilerplate" creators Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett return with another steampunk graphic narrative, this time weaving the adventures of early sci-fi hero Frank Reade, Jr. into landmark 20th century events.

Boilerplate Creator Discusses His Bad Robot

Boilerplate Creator Discusses His Bad Robot

"Boilerplate" co-creator Paul Guinan spoke with CBR about entrusting his steampunk robot to the hands of J.J. Abrams for the upcoming big screen adaptation, why Abrams is the perfect director for the film and more.

JJ Abrams To Produce

JJ Abrams To Produce "Boilerplate"

The producer behind everything from "Star Trek" to "Lost" sets his Bad Robot sights on the Victorian Robot comic hero turned multimedia book star with a film adaptation of "Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel" on tap.

Guinan and Bennett on

Guinan and Bennett on "Boilerplate"

Read the true history of Boilerplate, the mechanical soldier fighting for the American way at the turn of the 20th century, but first read a conversation with Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett, who crafted the robot's tale.

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