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EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Hitch Creates Some

EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Hitch Creates Some "Real Heroes" with Writing Debut

"Ultimates" artist Bryan Hitch spoke exclusively with CBR News about his new Image series "Real Heroes," which he's both writing and drawing.


REVIEW: "Age of Ultron" #10 is an "Unpredictable Roller Coaster Ride"

Jim Johnson gives "Age of Ultron" #10 4.5 stars, saying Brian Michael Bendis has made the concluding issue of the mega-Marvel event "plain and simple fun that evokes a kind of child-like wonderment."

Pipeline - 10/30/2012

Pipeline - 10/30/2012

Augie looks at the first year of the classic 'Excalibur' series and finds much to admire from Chris Claremont and Tom Orzechowski. Time for writing and lettering lessons, kids!

Paniccia Oversees an

Paniccia Oversees an "Ultimate" Rebirth

Editor Mark Paniccia spoke with CBR News about the new titles that are part of Marvel's "Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn" initiative while sharing an exclusive look at "Ultimate Fallout" #2 and "Ultimate Comics Hawkeye."