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Haun Unearths

Haun Unearths "Artifacts"

Jeremy Haun spoke with CBR about drawing Top Cow's universe-wide event "Artifacts" and the intimidation of following Michael Broussard and Whilce Portacio on the series, plus exclusive art.

Kevin Smith's

Kevin Smith's "Bionic Man" Debuts at Dynamite

Kevin Smith, Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau have reteamed to bring "The Bionic Man" to comics in a new Dynamite Entertainment series based a script Smith wrote in 1998 for a "Six Million Dollar Man" movie.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Green Hornet" #15

Courtesy of Dynamite, CBR presents an exclusive first look at "Green Hornet" #15. The issue, by Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau with covers by Lau, Hester and Alex Ross, hits stores April 30.

Seeley & Norton Launch a Digital

Seeley & Norton Launch a Digital "DoubleFeature"

CBR News spoke with studio mates Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Sean Dove and Josh Emmons about their newly launched foray into digital comics, the self-published, 99 cents, all-ages friendly "DoubleFeature"


REVIEW: "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #1

Doug Zawisza gives IDW's "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #1 a 4 star review saying Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh, Phil Hester and Bruce McCorkindale's comic "reads like a lost Godzilla movie from yesteryear."


PREVIEWS: "Wonder Woman," "Action Comics"

DC Comics has released previews for Phil Hester and Don Kramer's "Wonder Woman" #606 and Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' "Action Comics" #899, both hitting stores next Wednesday, March 30.

PRESS RELEASE: Jackie Estacado Descends into Outer "Darkness"

PRESS RELEASE: "The Green Hornet: Aftermath" #1 in April

Meet Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R.

Meet Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R.

Individually, Shannon Eric Denton, Phil Hester, Jon Lewis, and Rob Worley are veterans of comics, animation, prose and other media; together, they are a new studio, Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R.


PREVIEW: "Wonder Woman" #606

DC Comics has released a preview for "Wonder Woman" #606, the continuation of J. Michael Straczynski's re-imagining of the Amazonian princess. Written by JMS and Phil Hester, the issue hits stores tomorrow, January 26.

Powell and Marsh Enter Godzilla's “Kingdom of Monsters”

Powell and Marsh Enter Godzilla's “Kingdom of Monsters”

Co-writers Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh spoke with CBR about “Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters,” the new ongoing series launching in March from IDW starring at least one rampaging Toho monster.

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Haun Signs with Top Cow

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Haun Signs with Top Cow

CBR News spoke with artist Jeremy Haun about his newly-minted exclusive contract with Top Cow, what factored into his decision to sign with the publisher, which big series he'll be illustrating and more.

"Wonder Woman" Lassoes Hester

Incoming series writer Phil Hester told CBR News that his goal during the course of his run on "Wonder Woman" is to firmly re-establish the Amazon princess in the upper echelon of comic book heroes.

PRESS RELEASE: "Godzilla," King of the Monsters, Returns at IDW

PRESS RELEASE: "Green Hornet" in March

Hester Tackles Kevin Smith's

Hester Tackles Kevin Smith's "Green Hornet"

Phil Hester takes over the "Green Hornet" writing reins from Kevin Smith and spoke with CBR about building on the origin story of the new Hornet and Kato while teasing his upcoming villain, Saint Death.

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Goodbye

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Goodbye

With the final chapter of his movie sceenplay turned comic on stands today, director Kevin Smith tells CBR how the story came to the page, how he did more than he ever expected and that he may return for seconds.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Firebreather," "Elephantmen"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews for "Elephantmen, Vol. 1: Wounded Animals" and "Firebreather, Vol. 3" #1, both hitting stores Wednesday, November 24.

PRESS RELEASE: A Double Dose of "Firebreather"

"Earth One" Creators Focus On Sequel

In the announcement of a sequel to the chart-topping "Superman Earth One" graphic novel, DC Comics has also confirmed J. Michael Straczynski's departure from "Superman" and "Wonder Woman's" monthly comics.


NYCC: "Firebreather" Attacks New York

Cartoon Network treated fans to the world premiere of their new film "Firebreather," with creators Phil Hester & Andy Kuhn, writer Jim Kreig and director Peter Chung on hand afterward to discuss the movie with CBR.

NYCC: Top Cow Creates Events

NYCC: Top Cow Creates Events

Top Cow hosted a lively NYCC panel which included "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia, Ron Marz and Phil Hester discussing the best-selling event "Artifacts," what Peter Petrelli really would have done to Sylar and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Makes Debut Appearance at Project: Comic Con 2


EXCLUSIVE: "The Darkness" #86 Preview

Courtesy of Top Cow Productions, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "The Darkness" #86 by writer Phil Hester and artist Sheldon Mitchell with a cover by Rafael Albuquerque, on sale next week.


CCI: "Tower Prep" & "Firebreather"

Cartoon Network unveiled two projects from the minds of top comics talent as Paul Dini's live action "Tower Prep" and Phil Hester & Andy Kuhn's "Firebreather" animated movie both gave CCI attendees early teases.

PRESS RELEASE: Five Cover Artists on 'Days Missing: Kestus' Announced

"The Darkness" Turns #85

Writer Phil Hester and incoming illustrator Sheldon Mitchell spoke about the 85th issue of "The Darkness," titled "Alkonost," as well as plans for the character as he moves ever closer to his milestone 100th issue.

PRESS RELEASE: "Fractured Fables" All-Star Signings at Comic-Con 2010

PRESS RELEASE: "Days Missing" Vol. 2 to Premiere at Comic-Con

Hester Buzzes About

Hester Buzzes About "Green Hornet Annual"

Writer Phil Hester spoke with CBR News about his newest contribution to Kevin Smith's Green Hornetverse and the events surrounding the annual, which is designed to bridge some gaps in Green Hornet continuity.

Hester Unearths Black Terror's

Hester Unearths Black Terror's "Inhuman Remains"

"Black Terror" writer Phil Hester talks about the new storyline for the maverick hero of Dynamite's "Project Superpowers" universe and what makes him the star of Alex Ross' Golden Age revival.

ECCC: Top Cow's

ECCC: Top Cow's "Herd It Through the Bo-Vine" Panel

Top Cow kicks off the Emerald City ComiCon with creators from Phil Hester to William Harms dropping some unexpected announcements regarding the creative team of "The Darkness," the publisher's next big crossover and more.


Taking "Green Hornet" From Words to Pictures

Editor Phil Hester and artist Jonathan Lau reveal the process by which they've brought Kevin Smith's reimagined action screenplay to comics including an exclusive first look at Hester's thumbnails and Lau's finished art!

"Project Superpowers" Makes War With A God

Dynamite's superhero epic races into its second storyline with a battle against the mighty Zeus in the offing and incentives for fans looking to jump on board with a $10 trade and more. We spoke with Krueger & Hester.

"The Black Terror" #4: Read The Full Issue

With "The Black Terror" #5 hitting comic book stores next week, Dynamite Entertainment is presenting CBR's readers with the opportunity to read the fourth issue of the series in it's entirety, for free.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Anchor" #1 Sells Out In Less Than A Week

Phil Hester's Monthly Reign of

Phil Hester's Monthly Reign of "Terror"

Acclaimed writer, Phil Hester, takes control of the 'Project Superpowers' flagship hero and continues the character's adventures as "Black Terror" goes monthly, bringing new heroes and big villains along for the ride.

EXCLUSIVE: Dan Brereton's

EXCLUSIVE: Dan Brereton's "Anchor" #3 Variant

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Dan Brereton's variant cover for "the third issue of "The Anchor," the new series by Phil Hester and Brian Churilla.

PRESS RELEASE: Phil Hester Takes Over Art Chores for "The Darkness" #80 & #81

CCI: Hester and Churilla on “The Anchor”

CCI: Hester and Churilla on “The Anchor”

Fighting demons at home and abroad, Phil Hester and Brian Churilla's “The Anchor” debuts in October. The new ongoing was announced at BOOM! Studios' panel at CCI, and we spoke with the creators to get all the details.