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EXCLUSIVE: The Question, Stephanie Brown Feature in DC's

EXCLUSIVE: The Question, Stephanie Brown Feature in DC's "Convergence" Miniseries

DC has announced 10 new "Convergence" miniseries including "The Question," "Batgirl" "Justlice League" and more. CBR has exclusive art!

Spencer Explores

Spencer Explores "Bodies" with Four Detectives (and Four Artists)

Writer Si Spencer dissects "Bodies," a centuries-spanning murder mystery, which relies on readers digging into its high concept and history to solve it.

Palmiotti and Gray Corral The Black Diamond in

Palmiotti and Gray Corral The Black Diamond in "All-Star Western"

"All-Star Western" writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti spoke with CBR about their Jekyll & Hyde Black Diamond arc and the necessity of tackling the unsavory parts of American history.


EXCL PREVIEWS: "Secret Six, "Freedom Fighters," "First Wave Special"

DC Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at a trio new comics hitting the stands on April 6 -- "Secret Six" #32, "Freedom Fighters" #8 and the "First Wave Special" one-shot.

PRESS RELEASE: Upcoming "Red Sonja" One-Shot Written by Jen Van Meter



Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Valkyrie," a solo tale of the Secret Avenger written by Bryan J.L. Glass, illustrated by Phil Winslade with a cover by Jay Anacleto. Valkyrie rides on September 29.

Glass Reawakens Marvel's Valkyrie

Glass Reawakens Marvel's Valkyrie

Bryan J.L. Glass spoke with CBR News about his upcoming one-shot exploring the re-emergence of the Asgardian shield maiden, redefining her place in the Marvel Universe and his first foray into Marvel's toy box.

DC Comics Goes to War

DC Comics Goes to War

On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, DC Comics announced a series of one-shots which will celebrate some of the publisher's most illustrious war-themed comics. CBR News spoke with some of the creators involved. UPDATED

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