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EXCLUSIVE: Fantagraphics to Publish

EXCLUSIVE: Fantagraphics to Publish "Massive" Anthology of Gay Manga

With the closing of PictureBox, Fantagraphics has acquired the "Massive" collection of gay erotic manga. Translators Anne Ishii and Graham Kolbeins talk to ROBOT 6 about the book and the move.

Shia LaBeouf’s Website

Shia LaBeouf’s Website "About" Page Copied PictureBox

The "about" page of Shia LaBeouf's "The Campaign Book" website was found to be a nearly verbatim copy of Dan Nadel’s decription of PictureBox.

Farewell, PictureBox

Farewell, PictureBox

ROBOT 6's Corey Blake reflects on the impact of indie publisher PictureBox, which will close at the end of the year.

Comics A.M. - A Closer Look At The End of PictureBox

Comics A.M. - A Closer Look At The End of PictureBox

The definitive obituary for indie publisher PictureBox! Yen Press shuttering digital magazine "Yen Plus"! Comics fan selling collection to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan!

Frank Santoro Unpacks

Frank Santoro Unpacks "Pompeii"

ROBOT 6's Chris Mautner talks to Frank Santoro about the conception of his latest work, the process used to create it and more.

Anya Davidson Has

Anya Davidson Has "School Spirits"

"Kramers Ergot 8" cartoonist and printmaker Anya Davidson spoke with CBR News about her debut graphic novel, on sale now from Picturebox.

Cartoonist Matt Madden Interviews Blutch On

Cartoonist Matt Madden Interviews Blutch On "So Long, Silver Screen"

Cartoonist and educator Matt Madden interviewed French cartoonist Blutch about the recent Picturebox American translation of "So Long, Silver Screen," a celebration of Blutch's love of film.

EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Graham Sketches Out

EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Graham Sketches Out "Walrus"

Already on his way to household name status for works like "King City" and "Prophet," Brandon Graham gets personal in "Walrus," his new PictureBox art and sketch book that digs deep into his artistic passions.

Exclusive Preview:

Exclusive Preview: "So Long, Silver Screen" by Blutch

Picturebox has provided Robot 6 with an exclusive 10-page preview of "So Long, Silver Screen," the first major release by influential French artist Blutch in North America. The graphic novel arrives in April.

Doucet Has A

Doucet Has A "New New York Diary"

Acclaimed cartoonist Julie Doucet spoke with CBR News about her return to the world of cartooning with "My New New York Diary," the graphic novel result of her recent film collaboration with filmmaker Michel Gondry.

When Words Collide - 10/25/2010

When Words Collide - 10/25/2010

Tim is thinking about Best of the Year material and this double-header from PictureBox was a great way to begin with new works from C. F. and Brian Chippendale, featuring bizarre fantasy worlds and the post-apocalypse.

SPX 2009 Con Report

SPX 2009 Con Report

The 2009 Small Press Expo was held last weekend, and ROBOT 6's Chris Mautner files this report detailing the overall experience, what the weekend's "buzz books" were, and publisher reactions to the show.