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FANTASY DRAFT: Marvel Studios Phase 3 Lineup

FANTASY DRAFT: Marvel Studios Phase 3 Lineup

Marvel Studios' Phase Three will soon be upon us, and CBR runs down the characters and storylines we think could break out on the big screen.

Whedon Calls

Whedon Calls "Planet Hulk" Movie Rumor "Nonsense"

In a recent interview, "The Avengers 2" director and Marvel Cinematic Universe steward Joss Whedon dismissed the rumblings about a "Planet Hulk" movie, describing the rumor as "nonsense."


RUMOR: "Planet Hulk" Key to Marvel's Phase Three Plans

A new report contends the Hulk will be launched into space by the end of "The Avengers" sequel, setting up the character's third solo movie, an adaptation of the 2006-2007 Marvel comic-book storyline "Planet Hulk."

Shaping the Story of

Shaping the Story of "Planet Hulk"

All-star animation screenwriter Greg Johnson picks apart the mind of the Incredible Hulk, bringing betrayal and heroism to the forefront of Lionsgate's "Planet Hulk" feature and explains its place in the line of Marvel DVDs


Producing "Planet Hulk"

Marvel Animation's Josh Fine goes inside the creation of their latest Lionsgate DVD with word on how Greg Pak's gladiator epic came to life from the smallest fan favorite details to the twist ending no one will see coming.

Kick-Ass, Smallville, Ninja Assassin: Nov 12th Comic Reel

Kick-Ass, Smallville, Ninja Assassin: Nov 12th Comic Reel

Another "Kick-Ass" poster hits the Internet upside the head! A "Smallville" TV movie coming soon? Clips from "Ninja Assassin." Also, stills from "Planet Hulk" and "Scott Pilgrim" antics.


PLANET SKAAR: Pak talks "Savage World of Sakaar"

Greg Pak and a host of artists illuminate the mysterious pasts of both the planet Sakaar and the Hulk's son in the September one-shot "Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents - Savage World of Sakaar." We spoke with Pak about the book.

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