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Keatinge Leaves

Keatinge Leaves "Glory," Returns With "Hell Yeah" in 2013

Writer Joe Keatinge discusses his second arc on the creator-owned "Hell Yeah," the end of his run on Image Comics' "Glory," his first Marvel work and the importance of kicking ass.

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Planetoid" #1 Sells Out, Goes Back to Press For Second Printing

Pipeline - 6/19/2012

Pipeline - 6/19/2012

Augie finally sits down with Mark Waid's "Daredevil" run and likes what he sees: A font. Go figure. Also, Image's "Planetoid" #1 Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man and plenty more.


Garing's "Planetoid" is a Real Space Case

Ken Garing's upcoming Image Comics miniseries finds a career soldier and all-around badass trying to survive after crash landing on a mysterious planet. CBR spoke with him for details.

Image Comics Solicitations for June, 2012

Image Comics Solicitations for June, 2012

Image Comics has provided CBR with a look at their June solicitations, featuring solicit text and previews of "Spawn," "Planetoid," "Creator Owned Heroes," "The Red Diary" and more.

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