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"All-New X-Factor" Images Reveal New Team Member

A new scanned image shows the full line-up for Peter David's "All-New X-Factor" with three other members joining Polaris, Quicksilver & Gambit.

"Who Took Away Polaris' Powers?" & More Abandoned Storylines

CSBG examines abandoned comic book stories and ideas weekly, including the latest edition, the strange, short-lived period where Polaris gained super-strength -- and how the Shadow King played a part.

X-POSITION: David Brings

X-POSITION: David Brings "Hell On Earth War" to "X-Factor"

"X-Factor" writer Peter David returns and answers fan questions about the origins of Polaris and the upcoming "Hell On Earth War" story line in this week's edition of X-POSITION.

"So is Magneto Polaris' Dad or What?" & More Abandoned Storylines

Every week, CSBG examines abandoned comic book stories and ideas explained away by later writers, including the latest addition, a look at the shifting state of Magneto and Polaris' relationship.

X-POSITION: David Investigates

X-POSITION: David Investigates "X-Factor," Relationships, & "AvX"

"X-Factor" writer Peter David answers your emails about road trips, relationships, costumes, and getting personal with readers. All this plus exclusive art!

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