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Hine Brings

Hine Brings "Progeny" to "The Darkness"

"The Darkness" writer David Hine spoke with CBR News about laying the building blocks for Top Cow's "Progeny" crossover in the pages of his ongoing series with artist Jeremy Haun.

Marz Unites Top Cow's

Marz Unites Top Cow's "Artifacts" with "Progeny"

"Artifacts" writer and long time Top Cow Universe architect Ron Marz spoke to CBR News about the "Progeny" crossover event, Top Cow's first company-wide crossover since Rebirth.

Seeley Talks

Seeley Talks "Progeny's" Impact on "Witchblade"

"Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley opens up about his involvement in the Top Cow Universe-wide crossover "Progeny" and how it will affect his ongoing story in "Witchblade."