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PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Comics Coming to PSP

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep"

Square Enix's "Kingdom Hearts" comes to the PSP with terrific results, giving gamers a visual treat combined with a deep battle system, all of which makes for a great handheld adventure.

Tilting at Windmills - 7/15/2010

Tilting at Windmills - 7/15/2010

Brian Hibbs returns this month with news about a meeting DC Comics held for retailers in the wake of their digital comics announcement, leaving Hibbs feeling cautiously optimistic about the publisher's plans.

PlayStation Digital Trumpets DC Comics Arrival

PlayStation Digital Trumpets DC Comics Arrival

PSP users are also getting the DC Comics digital comic book treatment today, offering traditional DC and gaming-oriented titles to millions of PlayStation Network members. ROBOT 6 has details.

Lee And Rood Talk DC Digital

Lee And Rood Talk DC Digital

With an ambitious rollout for DC Comics content on computers, iPads, PSPs and more starting today, DC's digital leaders Jim Lee and John Rood talk to CBR about creator royalties, retailer inclusion and content choices.

IDW on

IDW on "Bone" for PSP and More

IDW brings Jeff Smith's "Bone" and "Rasl" to the Sony PSP this month, and we spoke with Director of ePublishing Jeff Webber to find out more about format, price point and what other devices may soon feature IDW titles.

HeroesCon: IDW Digital to Feature

HeroesCon: IDW Digital to Feature "Bone," "Rasl"

At HeroesCon, IDW Publishing announced that it will begin offering Jeff Smith's "Bone" and "Rasl" in digital format, and outlined its strategy of attracting new audiences with digital comics on the iPad, PSP, and other devices.

PRESS RELEASE: Kick-Ass Goes Digital

PRESS RELEASE: Take Your Favorite "Archie" Comics Everywhere You Go On The Sony PSP