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Comics A.M. - Radical Raises $3 Million for Digital, Licensing

Comics A.M. - Radical Raises $3 Million for Digital, Licensing

Radical Studios secures $3 million to help expand catalog! Largest online seller of baseball cards expanding into vintage comics! Recovering from flu, Stan Lee takes center stage at book launch! Jeff Lemire on "Green Arrow"!

CCI: Hilary Swank Takes on Radical's

CCI: Hilary Swank Takes on Radical's "Shrapnel"

Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank is attached to produce and star in an adaptation of Radical Publishing's sci-fi comic "Shrapnel." SPINOFF has details.

Radical And Worthington Build Remender's

Radical And Worthington Build Remender's "Last Days" Movie Team

Radical Publishing and "Avatar" actor Sam Worthington have tapped director F. Gary Gray for the film adaptation of Rick Remender's "The Last Day's of American Crime" in which Worthington will star.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing Rejoins Diamond Book Distributors

PRESS RELEASE: Win Two Tickets to Coachella via Radical Publishing's "Where in the World is Radical?" Contest

PRESS RELEASE: Radical's "Sharpnel" Creator Launches TPB at Barnes & Noble

PRESS RELEASE: Get Published with Radical

PRESS RELEASE: "Saw" Director Darren Lynn Bousman Signs "Abattoir" at Golden Apple Oct. 27

PRESS RELEASE: Darren Lynn Bousman signing at Golden Apple Comics

Remender Closes

Remender Closes "American Crime"

The final issue of Radical's "Last Days of American Crime" hits this week, and CBR News has the details on the series’ origins, the final issue, the proposed film and Rick Remender's views on the heist of the century.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing and Sam Worthington's Full Clip Productions Announce Imprint Deal

Stjepan Sejic Joins Radical’s “Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost”

Stjepan Sejic Joins Radical’s “Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost”

The “Witchblade” artist speaks his mind on how Radical’s epic fantasy tale matches his art style, reuniting with writer Ian Edginton, and why monsters are his favorite part of drawing the book. Plus, exclusive art!

Sagan Launches

Sagan Launches "Shrapnel: Hubris"

Veteran novelist and television writer Nick Sagan takes the reins for the sequel to Radical Publishing's sci-fi epic with "Shrapnel: Hubris," the follow-up miniseries to "Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising."

Sherman Scribes

Sherman Scribes "Earp: Saints for Sinners"

M. Zachary Sherman divulged details on Radical's newest title, how his experience as a game designer influences his comic writing and why a return to the ways of the Wild West may not be a far-fetched concept.

Radical Comics Titles on Sale February 3, 2010

Radical Comics Titles on Sale February 3, 2010

Courtesy of Radical Publishing, CBR brings you an early look at two titles on sale Wednesday, February 3--Ian Edginton's "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost" #1 and "Legends: The Enchanted" #0 by Nick Percival.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Last Days of American Crime" #1 Sells Out

PRESS RELEASE: Radical and Eerietube ask "Are You Infected?"

PRESS RELEASE: Rick Remender Begins The Countdown To "The Last Days Of American Crime"

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Collects The Critically Acclaimed "Hotwire"

PRESS RELEASE: Nick Simmons Signing At Golden Apple Comics On August 22nd

PRESS RELEASE: Radical launches the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency this October

CCI: Radical Publishing

CCI: Radical Publishing

CBR was on hand for Radical Publishing's panel at Comic-Con, including Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Pugh, David Hine, Jim Steranko, Nick Simmons, Steve Niles, Rick Remember, Sam Sarkar, M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Long and Nick Sagan.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing Presents for San Diego Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing Welcomes Director Darren Bousman To San Diego Comic-Con 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing Offers Bigger Books For A Bigger Value

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing Unleashes "Incarnate" By Nick Simmons This August

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Comics Releases Complete FCBD Signing Schedule

PRESS RELEASE: Nick Simmons Signing at Meltdown Comics on FCBD

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing to give away 4-Day Comic Con passes at WonderCon

NYCC: Radical Publishing

NYCC: Radical Publishing

Barry Levine hosted a panel comprised of a who's who of Radical's creators, featuring new series announcements, previews and news from Steve Niles, Rick Remender, Steve Pugh, Arthur Suydam & more.

NYCC: Radical Announces Project by “Tron 2” Director Joe Kosinski

NYCC: Radical Announces Project by “Tron 2” Director Joe Kosinski

Radical announced “Oblivion” at its panel at NYCC. Written by Joseph Kosinski with art by Tae, the project is... not exactly a comic. CBR News spoke with Radical publisher Barry Levine about it.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Publishing named Diamond's "Best New Publisher" for 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Radical's "Shrapnel" a hit!

PRESS RELEASE: "City of Dust" reaches its fifth issue finale in February

PRESS RELEASE: Arthur Suydam covers Radical's "Shrapnel"

PRESS RELEASE: Steve Pugh, Warren Ellis create "Hotwire" for Radical

PRESS RELEASE: L.A. Times profiles Radical Publishing's Barry Levine

PRESS RELEASE: Radical announces 18 issue, three-series epic, "Shrapnel"

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Sarkar signing at The Grove 11-19

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Sarkar signing at Miami Book Fair for Radical Publishing

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