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Shelf Life - 3/8/2012

Shelf Life - 3/8/2012

With Disney's big-budget "John Carter" hitting theaters this week, Ron Marz looks back on the influence Edgar Rice Burroughs' epic otherworldly saga - and the lovely Dejah Thoris - has had on his career and life.

Shelf Life - 3/1/2012

Shelf Life - 3/1/2012

This week Ron Marz chats with comic artist, concept artist, fight choreographer and weapons instructor Rafael Kayanan about their mutual love of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the John Carter movie that almost was.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Scott Hampton, Jock Discuss

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Scott Hampton, Jock Discuss "Immortals: Gods & Heroes"

Relativity Media has provided CBR with an exclusive featurette with the artists of Archaia's "Immortals: Gods and Heroes" graphic novel describing their work on the feature film inspired project.

CCI: The Gritty Gods of Archaia's

CCI: The Gritty Gods of Archaia's "Immortals"

This September, Archaia releases "Immortals: Gods and Heroes," a companion anthology to the upcoming film by Tarsem Singh, and the creators were on hand at CCI to talk about the book.

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