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EXCL. PREVIEW: Chaos Strikes Japan in

EXCL. PREVIEW: Chaos Strikes Japan in "Rai" #6

"Battle for New Japan" continues as the nation spirals into madness in Valiant's "Rai" #6 by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain, on sale Jan. 14.

CBR TV: Kindt & Lemire Bring Friendly Rivalry, Collaboration to

CBR TV: Kindt & Lemire Bring Friendly Rivalry, Collaboration to "The Valiant"

Writers and frequent collaborators Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt discuss their work on the upcoming "The Valiant" miniseries and why they mesh so well.

SENYC: Valiant Firsts

SENYC: Valiant Firsts

Details from Valiant's new launches including "Doctor Mirage" and the return of Priest and Bright's "Quantum & Woody" arrive.

REVIEW: Kindt & Crain's

REVIEW: Kindt & Crain's "Rai" #1 is "An Immersive Experience"

Matt Kindt & Clayton Crain's debut issue of "Rai" "demands more time and attention than one simple read-through can process."

WC14: Valiant Preps for

WC14: Valiant Preps for "Armor Hunters" & More in Anaheim

Valiant Entertainment brought creators and staff to WonderCon 2014, discussing "Armor Hunters," plans for the Valiant Firs initiativet & more.


EXCLUSIVE: Rivera's "Rai" #2 Variant Lunges From Shadows

Check out an exclusive first look at Paolo Rivera's take on the protector of Japan for a "Rai" #2 variant cover.

EXCLUSIVE: Valiant Previews

EXCLUSIVE: Valiant Previews "Rai" #1, Announces Pullbox Promotion for Valiant First

Valiant announces a new Pullbox promotion for Valiant First, with exclusive first looks at "Rai" #1 and "Armor Hunters."

EXCLUSIVE: Kindt Returns

EXCLUSIVE: Kindt Returns "Rai" to the Valiant U

Matt Kindt tells CBR about bringing "Rai" to the modern Valiant lineup set in the year 4000, the updated cast and the challenge of building a futuristic world.

Valiant First Initiative Includes

Valiant First Initiative Includes "Rai," "Dr. Mirage" Series

Valiant's upcoming Valiant First initiative brings five months of new #1 issues, including new series for "Rai" and "Dr. Mirage"