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Ramona Fradon Reflects on Metamorpho,

Ramona Fradon Reflects on Metamorpho, "Brenda Starr," Creates A "Fairy Tale"

A legendary artist from the Silver Age of Comics, Ramona Fradon talks about her new story in "Fairy Tale Comics," why her favorite project was Metamorpho, fond memories of "Brenda Starr" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Announces "The Art of Ramona Fradon" Hardcover

Shelf Life - 11/10/2011

Shelf Life - 11/10/2011

Ron Marz is back with stories from Joe Sinnott and Ramona Fradon's 85th birthday as well as a look at the Hero Initiative, a non-profit charity supporting comic creators in need.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamic Forces Announces Ramona Fradon Art Book