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EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Avengelyne," "Darkness" & "Reaper"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive looks for three books debuting July 20 -- Rob Liefeld's "Avengelyne" #1, "The Darkness" #92 and Cliff Rathburn's long-awaited "Reaper" #2.

Cliff Rathburn Raps About

Cliff Rathburn Raps About "Reaper"

Cliff Rathburn of "Walking Dead" fame dusts off his creator-owned "Reaper" for a long-awaited second issue where he tackles all the creative bases, from writing to lettering and everything in between.

PRESS RELEASE: "Walking Dead's" Cliff Rathburn Returns to Reaper in July

EXCLUSIVE: Cliff Rathburn's

EXCLUSIVE: Cliff Rathburn's "Reaper" #2

CBR News exclusively debuts pages from "Reaper #2," the long- awaited new issue of creator Cliff Rathburn's epic tale of Death, his quest to eradicate all life on Earth and the man standing in his way!