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Matt Kindt is

Matt Kindt is "Red Handed"

The man behind "MIND MGMT" and the writer of "Justice League of America's" Martian Manhunter stories, Matt Kindt spoke with CBR News about his latest graphic novel, the Dick Tracy-inspired "Red Handed."

Kindt's Conspiracy Deepens in

Kindt's Conspiracy Deepens in "MIND MGMT"

CBR News spoke with writer/artist Matt Kindt about the second year of "MIND MGMT," events to come in the super-spy story and the creative breakthroughs that come with frustration.

Talking Comics With Matt Kindt

Talking Comics With Matt Kindt

"Mind MGMT" creator Matt Kindt spoke with ROBT 6's Tim O'Shea about his hit series, his upcoming OGN "Red Handed" and his recent trip to see the St. Louis Cardinals during Spring Training.